Interview: Verses, Tube (Düsseldorf)

Interview: Verses, Tube (Düsseldorf)

1. Oktober 2015 0 Von Lena

Jason – Vocals/Guitar

Fish – Bass

Joe – Guitar

Dan – Drums

Lest We Forget: When and where have you first met?

Fish: Five years ago.

Jason: No, we started with Verses five years ago, but we knew each other about ten years more before that. Fish and Dan knew each other when they were about five years old.

Fish: We went to the same school, we used to chase each other on the playground.

Jason: So we’ve known each other for years. We’re basically a married couple of four guys.

Lest We Forget: And what led you to start this band?

Fish: I met Jason when I started at high school. He was playing the guitar and I was planning to play the guitar. We wanted to start a band and needed a bass player so he asked me to play bass instead.

Jason: He was like „Yeah, it got less strings!“ [laughs]

Fish: And then in some class we asked Dan to join our band.

Dan: I said no, I’m to cool for that. But I’m here anyway. [laughs]

Fish: Dan was in other bands, so we kind of stole him from another band.

Dan: You just thought „Oh my god, he’s good“.

Fish: Yeah, we thought „This guy is incredible, we need him in the band“.


Lest We Forget: Have you ever had such a big argument that you thought about breaking up with the band?

Fish: We argue about really stupid stuff. We never have really proper arguments. It just literally lasts about five minutes.

Dan: About whose socked is on the vans floor. Or who’s making the next cup of tea.

Jason: Yeah, we argue about who’s gonna make the next cup of tea. That’s the biggest one. [laughs]

Fish: We sometimes play-fight and it goes too far so we get a bit pissed off of each other. We get bored in the dressing rooms and just fight.

Lest We Forget: Oh, don’t talk about your fight club, that’s the first rule!


Lest We Forget: You released your last album nearly a year ago. Have you already plans for new releases?

Jason: We’re putting a single out on 2nd of october and recorded another one which might come out at some point.

Lest We Forget: Might?

Dan: Yeah, we’re still planning that.

Fish: We’re just waiting to figure out plans, but we’re gonna work on a new album soon.

Jason: We just signed with Redfield Records in germany so album two will happen.


Lest We Forget: Have you ever done some covers?

Jason: It’s weird, every band does covers at some point, but we never really did covers.

Fish: We did covers when were really young. Limp Bizkit, Finch, Hell Is For Heroes, Hundred Reasons.

Lest We Forget: Do you all like the same bands?

Dan: It’s kind of mixed.

Jason: Yeah, we all kind of like the same bands but there is a lot of different areas where we’re going. Dan likes AC/DC and classic stuff. Fish likes pop. He likes Taylor Swift.

Fish: Yes! The only album I have on my laptop is Taylor Swift, so yesterday night we listened to it. It really brought the party vibes.


Lest We Forget: Last year was an important year for you. The tours, your first album. Have you still had enough time for your families and jobs at home?

Fish: We spent quiet a bit time at home recently, just writing and stuff like that.

Jason: We took a little break from touring because we toured so much the last four years. This short break was the longest time without touring for us in the last time. Now we’re ready to get busy again.

My girlfriends had always shouted on me for going on tour for so long.

Fish: And now you’ve fallen in love with us instead.

Jason: I’m married to music. And this three men [looks at the rest of the band].


Lest We Forget: You’re a very young band for this scene, so you haven’t released too much singles or albums yet. Is it hard to choose the songs for the setlist if they should be different every time?

Jason: We just wanted to play all the stuff from our album.

Fish: Usually we’re on tour with bands where we only go half an hour, so it’s just like playing the singles we’ve released. If we got to play more than a hour, we can play songs we usually won’t play during our short sets.

Lest We Forget: And what’s your most played live song?

Dan: I guess „Who We Are“.

Jason: This song never left us since we wrote it.

Lest We Forget: Do you still enjoy to play it?

Jason: Sure, it’s like Motörhead palying „Ace Of Spades“.


Lest We Forget: What’s the first thing you bought by money made in this band?

Joe: I’m still waiting [laughs].

Fish: I think we got some money at christmas last year, after the Deaf Havana tour. I think I bought lots of beer with it. And sausages. It’s lovely.

Jason: So basically we don’t make a lot of money. But i’s enogh to live during the tour.

Lest We Forget: What’s the thing you miss the most on tour?

Joe: WI-FI connection.

Fish: Just my bed. Just not having to sleep next to Joe.

Lest We Forget: What’s the longest time you’ve spend together in the van?

Dan: About two month. We were recording the new album und then got on tour for about five or six weeks straight.

Fish: It’s so weird. You get used to it so quickly.

Jason: The last couple of years we toured lots. But we still had maybe a week at home between tours. But that was 2 month straight.

Dan: When you start referring to the van as home, you know you’ve got problems. Like where do we park home.


Lest We Forget: Where do you see this band in ten years?

Fish: I’d love to play at big stages. Doing all the big festivals. Just keep growing slowly.

Jason: We’ve always wanted to grow the band the right way.

Dan: No flash in the pan kind of band.

Fish: Yeah, we want to stick around. Just keep growing our fanbase and playing bigger tours. Maybe make some money. Buying a bigger van or more beer and sausages. But the more money we make, the fatter I’ll get because of all the beer and sausages.



ANSWER FOR THE OTHER (Jason-Fish; Joe-Dan)


Have you ever played a show while drunk?

Fish: Yeah, you definitely have. But just when our tour manager sam doesn’t come along with us. He usuallly forces us to stop when we’re having more than two beers before we play, but when sam is not around, we can drink as much as we like.

Jason: For you, every night. Sometimes I hear just one little bass note that’s out of tune. That’s the extra beer.

We’re usually supporting so we’re playing quiet early so we have the whole night to drink. Fish drinks 99% of it. That’s why his name is Fish.

Dan: Joe doesn’t drink. Except on his birthday and christmas.

Joe: You don’t drink that much too. Apart from one.

Fish: So it’s just me and Jason. Joe and Dan are like our parents. They look after us. That’s why we get so drunk. We’ve got beer for four of us and we two have to drink it. Otherwise it would be a waste.


What was your favorite subject at school?

Fish: Your favourite was definitely music. Our music teacher loved him.

Jason: In college, there were just three people in our music class and the other two wasn’t there most of the times. Fishes favourite subject at school was PE and sports and then he got into guitar. I forced him to stop doing sports. So he started doing music in school to impress me.

Fish: It’s so true. I thought he’s not gonna like me if I don’t do music.

Joe: For Dan, there definitely isn’t one.

Fish: I know Dan’s favourite subject. Food Tec.

Dan: Acutally yeah, because I can hang out with Fish.

Jason: Dan used to leave all his lessons and go to see his friends in other lessons.

Joe: So, none.

Dan: I’m gonna go with english.

Joe: No!

Dan: But you’re a man of books.

Joe: Yeah, I’m a man of books, but not english books. It’s science.


What’s your greatest talent?

Fish: He hasn’t really got many. His greatest talent is the ability to be late to everything. It’s pretty incredible. I don’t know how you do it. And sleeping. Drinking water. I’ve never seen somebody drinking so much water!

Dan: He can drink more than… a Fish [laughs].

Jason: I’m not very good at drinking beer, but with water I go wild. Fishes greatest talent is pissing me off. He’s really good at it. He’s doing it now. He doesn’t really know it. You don’t even have to try.

Joe: I think Dans is the ability to play football in slow motion. I don’t know how he does it, but it’s great! Time seems to slow down around him.

Dan: I’d say he’s really good at badminton.


What’s your favorite colour?

Fish: Jasons favourite colour is brown. Because of his brown hairs.

Jason: Fishes favourite colour is blue because of Chelsea.

Dan: For Joe it’s actually the same.

Joe: And for Dan red because of Liverpool. Everything is based on football. Except of Jasons.