Interview: The Algorithm – EUROBLAST Festival XI (Köln)

Interview: The Algorithm – EUROBLAST Festival XI (Köln)

7. Oktober 2015 0 Von Lena

Lest We Forget: There are few acts playing the third or fourth time at the Euroblast, and for you it’s the fifth time in a row. Are you friends with them behind the stage?

Rémi: Considering the fact, that I play Euroblast since 2011 we meet them every year and sometimes we share a show during the year. It’s easy to keep in contact with them.

Lest We Forget: Do you only meet them at concerts or festivals?

Rémi: The thing is, that there is generally not enough time. Because when we arrive at a venue, we need to do the sound check, then play the show and also pack the equipment and then go somewhere else. But whenever there is a show or a festival we are trying to talk a bit and have a beer.

Lest We Forget: How was it like for you when Mike covered your song „Isometry“?

Rémi: The first time he told me, I didn’t know what to expect. But when I heard it, it was really mind blowing. It gave me a vision of how to present this kind of music. I think it was the most beautiful gift he could gave to me.

Lest We Forget: Do you think that electronic music in combination with progressive metal is just a trend?

Rémi: I think it’s been there since about 20 years in different forms. As long as there are people who enjoy metal, there will be a place for electronic metal.

Now that we have the opportunity to do it, there are so many things to explore.

Lest We Forget: Have you listened to this kind of music before you started make it by yourself?

Rémi: I started with Linkin Park and System of a Down when I was a teenager. I got into progressive metal like Born of Osiris or Veil of Maya and more Deathcore. Because of the people I met I got into electronic music with artists like Aphex Twin. I didn’t really found anyone who’s mixing electronic music and metal the way I wanted it to be. Basically that’s why I started to do it by myself. I just wanted to hear how it would sound like. Because of the fact that there was nobody doing it. It’s still a lot of experimentation.

LWF: You do not have a defined setlist at your sets. Why have you chosen to let your show be so impulsively and does it work every time?

Rémi: Because it’s something that no one is really doing. I have to find a way to make it interesting and I can do everything I want. That’s why it’s different all the time. I want to be creative, make it different all the time. That’s a good thing about being a duo. We have the freedom to do what we want. I’m just taking the opportunity to make what I want and like.

Lest We Forget: Why do you think does this combination work so good for you right now?

Rémi: Obviously there’s a strong interest in the djent/progressive metal stuff these days and this scene is emerging. A lot of young people are in this scene and everyday there are new bands.

Lest We Forget: Which band do you want to see at this years Euroblast?

Rémi: I really want to see the band VOLA. I’ve heard they had a demo which was pretty good.

Lest We Forget: You recently moved to Germany. Is there anything you miss right now about France?

Rémi: I’m a very computer-centric person. I tend to be at home all the time, so I don’t really talk to people. And even if I wanted to, I can’t speak the language. This is a bit frustrating. I miss the freedom to go outside and meet people easily.

Lest We Forget: What’s the funniest German word you know?

Rémi: I’m not sure if it’s a real word. My friends tought me „geilon“.

Lest We Forget: You start your first american tour soon. Are you excited or anything?

Rémi: I’m everything! Nervous, excited… Especially because everything is tight together. I was writing a new album, played this festival and soon I’ll be in America. But it’s such a good opportunity. It’s my first time in America, so I’m really excited, but happy too.

Lest We Forget: Some years ago, you posted the quote „What is this shit – do you even call this music?“ of your neighbors on Facebook. Have they ever called the cops on you?

Rémi: No, they didn’t do that. I kind of understood him. At this point, I worked on a track and was looping the same 3 seconds for two hours. I didn’t realize it, because I was so into it.

Lest We Forget: If you would be a character in a video game, what would be your special power or attack?

Rémi: I think I would like to be able to create things with my mind. To have the power to just create things out of nothing.


– Film

Rémi: I don’t think I have a favorite one. When I was a kid, it was Pulp Fiction. Right now I saw a film called Force Majeure, but I can’t tell you anything about it because I would spoil it.

– Funny picture in the internet

Rémi: Do you know counter strike? There’s a map called de_dust. The picture showed Freddy Mercury and there was written. Another one bites de_dust.

– City

Rémi: I really like Tokyo. I’ve only been there once for one week but I really enjoyed it. It was very interesting. I want to go back there and explore the city.

– Pizza topping

Rémi: I really like red peppers. I put it onto everything.

– Video game

Rémi: I think it’s more a nostalgia thing for me. Final Fantasy VII was very important. More recently would be Metal Gear Solid V these days.

– Midnight snack

Rémi: Pizza is always good. I have a weakness for Doritos but I’m trying eat not that much Doritos.