Interview: NitroDive, Underground (Köln)

Interview: NitroDive, Underground (Köln)

27. März 2015 Aus Von Lena

Albert – Vocals

Lest We Forget: You list many famous rock bands like Foo Fighters as big influences for your music. Where do you see the parallels between their rock and your punk/trash/core?

Albert: I think we have the same roots in many ways. One of the actual reasons we started our band was because of Nirvana. They were our earliest influence. I got a mustang as my first guitar like Kurt Cobain ,although it sounds shitty. My dad plays guitar in a blues band and when I was about to get my first guitar he was like You should have a good guitar. You should have a Fender. He was willing to pay for some of it if I got a good guitar, so I wouldn’t get bored because of the bad equipment or something. So he said You should have a fender. And it should have a stratocaster. Which he prefers to play. And I said No I should have a fender, you’re right, but I should have a mustan, like Kurt Cobain. He said, yeah, you choose but it sounds like crap. But anyway, I got the mustang.

It started out like a thing that Foo Fighters did. This really basic kind of grunge music. Always like a few cords. You don’t need very much advanced guitar skills. You just have to learn sing and play. Since we are a three piece band we’ve always kept it really simple, like the early Foo Fighters stuff was. But we always used to lead us by influences from Ramones, Nirvana, Danko Jones maybe. Less is more. A kind of philosophy in the roots of the music.

Lest We Forget: You nearly arrived at the end of your European tour with Hardcore Superstar. Which experience or which place you’ve seen during this time will be unforgettable for you?

Albert: I’d say Paris was the best show so far. It was on Saturday, two days ago. I guess we had our expectations up. We knew the presale from that show was a little bit better than the most of the shows, which also proofed to be true because there were a lot of people there. It was a great venue, everyone was happy and the audience was going nuts all the time.

Lest We Forget: You’ve released your first EP in 2009 and your debut album two years later in 2011. What took you so long between these releases?

Albert: I think there were a lot of things. On the first record we felt like we could do better. There were a lot of things that we wanted to change in our sound, in our way of writing songs I guess. These are not necessary bad written songs but maybe not well suited for a band like us. If we’d give these songs to a band like Papa Roach they would fucking kick our ass, they’d do these songs so much better than we. We wanted to find something that we exclusively do best ourselfs.

Lest We Forget: And which of your songs is your favorite, where you can show that you’re the best in performing that particular song?

Albert: I think I find ourselfs really good in songs like Hold Me Back. This is one of the songs that we’re still playing. It’s been around since 2009 and it’s still on our setlist. Songs that stick on the setlist for a really long time are the songs that we really do best.

Lest We Forget: You’re just three band members, is it therefore easier to discuss about the band stuff like new songs?

Albert: Yeah, i guess. Obviously there’s always a majority and a minority in a question, there is always two against one, if there are separated opinions. We mostly agree about the most stuff, but when it comes to a decision you can say yeah you two think that’s the way,we should do it that way, just because of the majority. I guess you could say it makes it easier to decide on things.

Lest We Forget: When and where do you get the best ideas for new songs?

Albert: Good question.. I think you get the best song melodies and ideas when you’re doing normal stuff like taking a shower, running to the bus, and you just can’t get that idea out of your head. I think it’s a lot of subconscious, bubbling up at these particular moments. You don’t feel under pressure when you do normal stuff. You always have to be on your watch for those moments. Also I think that the ideas that come over and over again in different locations, that are usually good melodies. And the first thing you should do is check if it’s not someone elses melodie. But if it’s your own idea and it’s something that sticks, that’s one of the signs of a good song.

Lest We Forget: If you’d have to fill a vending machine at a venue you play at, what would you fill in it?

Albert: I’d stuff it full of NitroDive Cds, posters stickers. For me maybe water. When I’m on tour I don’t drink alcohol or anything. I wouldn’t put beer in it. Maybe in that case for my other band members.


-book I’ve red

Albert: I’m currently reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Maybe you think that’s weird or that this isn’t the kind of what a punk-rock musician reads. I always find these strange books to read.

-song I sang

Albert: I sometimes warm up with a song called Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich. He’s a acoustic singer/songwriter. Not the first thing you would assume a band like us sings, but it’s a good song to warm up to.

-time I’ve got enough sleep

Albert: I actually got enough sleep this night. I slept like a baby, it was awesome.

Lest We Forget: In the tour bus?

Albert: Yes, in the tour bus. Usually the tour bus is always on the run. We usually pack our stuff after each gig and put in the bus. Our driver Carlos just steps on it and goes to the next town. We always bump around and trying to sleep, but this night we were already in the town that we’re playing. We came to cologne yesterday, so we were here, standing in the parking spot, no driving.

-song that I’ve listened to

Albert: I don’t really listen to very much songs when I’m on tour because when we’re not sound-checking then somebody else is sound-checking and we’re listening to them. So it would be a Hardcore Superstar song maybe.

-time I was drunk

Albert: I actually been sober for a time now. The last time I was drunk was early this January I think. For me as a singer it’s crucial to be not wasted every night. You can’t keep up with the tempo of the tour if you get wasted every night. I wouldn’t last, I wouldn’t be able to make it. Anyway I would deliver a good show, maybe I would be on the stage and.. make sounds.