Interview: Zebrahead,Underground (Köln)

Interview: Zebrahead,Underground (Köln)

28. Oktober 2015 0 Von Stefanie


Ali – Vocals

Matty – Vocals/Guitar

Lest We Forget: You finished your japan tour last week, How was it?

Ali: It was awesome. We were out there with Man with a Mission who are also on this tour with us now. We played 5 shows and ended playing the Satama super arena infront of 20.000 people. It was really fun.

Lest We Forget: You’re kicking off your Germany/Netherlands tour today in Cologne. Is there something special you’re looking forward to, while staying in Germany?. 

Matty: Well, I really love Choco krispies and you can’t get them anywhere else but here.(laughs).

But of course the crowds are great and the beer too.

Lest We Forget: You recently released the music video to „worse than this“ a single from your new album „walk the plank“. What inspired you to make the music video look like a video game?

Matty: Actually it was the idea of our filmmaker. He had this idea and shot it all on different locations throughout europe and we think he did a great job with it.

Lest We Forget: Who decides which song becomes a lyric video or which one becomes a performance video?

Ali: We as a band put it to a vote, if we can’t all decide on one thing.

Lest We Forget: You’re playing the „Walk the plank“ tour with Man with a Mission and you also have a song called „Out of control“ with them. How did you get to know each other?

Ali: We played with them a few years ago at a japanese festival called summer sonic. We watched them play and thought they put on a really great show and just said Hi to them afterwards. Then they were in L.A. playing a show and we met with them again. They asked us if we wanted to write a song together and we did. We also made a split EP. They invited us to their japan tour and now we invited them on this tour.

Lest We Forget: A long time has passed since the start of Zebrahead in 1996. What has changed the most on tours over the years?

Ali: Everybody has phones now and Ipads and Laptops. We sit together in our backstage rooms alot. But everyone is doing his own thing now, while back in the day we actually hung out and talked. (laughs).

Lest We Forget: What does Zebrahead mean to you? Is it a job or your life?

Ali: We are very lucky. We all love what we do and we’re fortuned enough to do it as a career now. We are all like a family. Even our crew is family to us, because we tour with them for a long time.

Matty: It’s not a job. If it is, it’s the easiest job ever.

Lest We Forget: What was the craziest thing that happened on tour?

Ali: We were in japan a couple of years ago and we had our guitar tech with us. We went out drinking one night and I was sitting with him in the cab back to the hotel. I was looking outside the window when suddenly I hear the door open on his side. I turned over to see him jumping out of the driving cab. The cab driver freaked out and pulled over. Our guitar tech ran up to the cab and jumped back in – all scratched and bloody. And I asked him: „Dude what the fuck? Why did you do that?“ But he just stopped talking for the rest of the night. And when I saw him the next morning he asked me what happened to him the night before. He could’nt remember anything from that night.


Lest We forget: What is your favorite Item on tour?

Ali: Babywipes.

Matty: Yea Babywipes and Choco krispies.


This or that Questions

Lest We Forget: Tourbus or Hotelroom?

Ali: Tourbus. Because you can sleep till 4 pm and you wake up at the next venue.

Matty: I’d say hotel room because it’s more private and you can take a shower.

Lest We Forget: Clubshows or Festivals?

Ali and Matty: Clubshows. All sweaty and dirty (laughs) You’re a lot closer to the audience.

Lest We Forget: Beer or booze ?

Ali and Matty: Booze.

Lest We Forget: Call or text?

Ali and Matty: Text.