Interview: While She Sleeps, Essigfabrik (Köln)

Interview: While She Sleeps, Essigfabrik (Köln)

6. April 2015 0 Von Lena

Lawrence – Guitar/Vocals

Lest We Forget: Your debut EP The North Stands for Nothing was Re-Released 2011 in the US and as a vinyl in 2012. Why did you decide to release it again after such a long time?

Lawrence: I think purely because it’s where we found the bands sound. We had a run down band where we used to stand in. Basically living a bit rough. It was the first album we ever did as a band, so it’s nice to re-release that, and make sure people still hear our first record.

Lest We Forget: During your work on your recently released album Brainwashed you had a vocal-cord-operation, so you had to pause singing. How was it like to record or write your new songs without vocals?

Lawrence: It was really difficult to write the music but not being able to sing it. The rest of the band were all playing together and I just can’t sing with them. It was a bit difficult to write stuff that fits. In the end we had time to work everything out but the recording of the album in general was a bit tricky and difficult.

Lest We Forget: You’ve been touring quiet a lot of times now and surely have a lot of groupies. Do you keep all the presents you get from them and what’s the craziest thing you ever got by a fan?

Lawrence: Not sure.. no one brings us gifts, they should start!

Lest We Forget: You’ve also played at many festivals in the past. What is your favorite thing about playing at festivals?

Lawrence: Just the atmosphere. If it’s a big festival it’s nice to be outdoors, especially at festivals in Europe, like the rest of Europe-not the UK. It’s nice to have sunshine.. In download in England, you stand high in mud, it’s weds and it’s miserable. When you come over to Germany it’s a lot nicer to play at festivals. Looking forward to seeing the sunshine, it’s very Grey in the UK.

Lest We Forget: Have you also camped at some festivals?

Lawrence: Yeah, we always try to camp.

Lest We Forget: How does it work when you have to be able to perform, full of mud?

Lawrence: If we’re going to play on a festival on a Friday, we usually trying to pitch a tent and stay there for the rest of the weekend. We’re not really into sort of getting a hotel and then going to perform at a festival, it feel like it’s a bit of cheating. Sometimes we have hammocks and try to sleep under the stage. It’s nice to be outside.

Lest We Forget: If your life would be made into a film, which actor would get the main role?

Lawrence: For me?.. Jim Carrey.

Lest We Forget: Which is the most embarrassing song in your playlist right now.

Lawrence: I’ve been getting a bit gangster with YelaWolf, he’s actually pretty good.

[looks up his music] some pop music, nothing too bad.

Lest We Forget: What’s your best break-up line?

Lawrence:I don’t know. I tell you one thing though:

When I was at school, you know Craig David, the Artist? He’s got a song called Walking Away, and when I was at school in year nine I thought I was in love with this girl. Over the Christmas holiday, she bought me the CD of Walking Away and set it on play just when I got in. It was so harsh, because this song was about breaking up.


-my favorite color is..

Lawrence: Black.- for everyone!

-the first thing when I wake up is..

Lawrence: Have a NutriBullet. It’s like a juicer. You put all these vegetables in it and make a healthy drink.