Interview: Smash Into Pieces, Underground (Köln)

Interview: Smash Into Pieces, Underground (Köln)

9. März 2015 0 Von Lena

Chris Adam – Vocals

Lest We Forget: Today is the first day of your European tour this year. Which city do you think you will enjoy most?

Chris: When we were here with Amaranthe last year we had actually very big supporting in Italy, Spain and the UK. Those were the three biggest supportive countryside. But Germany was also very good. Actually I think that Italy, Spain and the UK will be the best, audience wise. We have a lot of fans there. But there were no country or town who had less support. I have no clue about tonight, but probably it’s gonna be good.

Lest We Forget: I hope so!

Chris: It’s our only German date on this tour, so I think that a lot of Germany will be here tonight.

Lest We Forget: Is there anything you want to see about the cities you’ll be at, like the Dom in cologne?

Chris: Yeah, I want to see stuff from the World war 2. But when you’re on tour, you get to the venue kind of late, you’ve to do sound check and this stuff, and so there’s not really time for sightseeing. That’s the worst part of touring. You can see the things in the bus like Oh, that’s a cool and, oh, we just went by it.. OK that one is cool, and OK, we just went by that, too… and then you spend the whole day, the whole afternoon and the whole night at the venue. I want to see a lot of stuff but we don’t have the time for it.

Lest We Forget: Right on time for your new album, you bought new merch with you. Who’ve designed it?

Chris: A guy who has done a lot of stuff to Hardcore Superstar. His name is Christian Wallin. He’s a really good designer, he really helped us a lot. When we have to get new merchandises, so I goggled some stuff and I quickly found him. I thought that he really fits us, and so I contacted him. He was very pleased to do the merch for us.

Lest We Forget: Do you have a favorite piece of your new merch?

Chris: yeah, the new shirt is really nice. I think he really had succeed with the new merch. It’s not a lot of new merch, but we have a LP for the new album, we hadn’t have it for the last album, so this is very cool. And of course the new Album. And we have the new shirt. It’s actually the only new thing of our merch clothes.

Lest We Forget: Like you’ve already said, you released your new album also as a vinyl. Would you rather listen to the CD or vinyl?

Chris: I’ve heard like one song in a vinyl. I know that the quality is much better on LP or vinyl that on a CD. I’m not that kind of sound geek. If it sounds crappy, it’s fine for me. I don’t really put to much energy in something like I need to hear this in high high quality. If I have to answer to your question, it would be a CD.

Lest We Forget: Where and when did you get the best ideas for new songs?

Chris: On the road actually.

Lest We Forget: Yeah, it’s where you spend the most time while touring.

Chris: At the first album, we wrote all songs by sitting at home and that’s like the energy you get by recording an album by sitting down, just sit at home. Do like one gig a month. When we were out with Amaranthe we understood right away what we had to think about for the next record. We took more of the life shows into a sound. A lot of people had told us after the shows I’ve listen to you guys back at home. You sound very good at CD but when we see you life, it’s a whole new world. It’s a different world from what you sound like on CD. So we took that with us in the studio and really wanted to get that kind of sound. More lively. I think we really took that part serious, and you can hear it on our new album.

Lest We Forget: What’s your favorite song to play on stage right now?

Chris: Right now? I think it has to be My Cocaine or Rock’n’Roll. My Cocaine means a lot to me because Elize is on the song. It’s a pretty beautiful song and it fits my voice. And Rock’n’Roll because people like to move to that. I really like that they groove in that song. It’s a good song to sing for me and the people dance to it.

Lest We Forget: Smash Into Pieces, sounds like a request for all the moshing people. What was the worst thing ever happened at one of your concerts (like broken noses..)

Chris: Never. We had a show about two month ago. There were a lot of people and two girls. They they were so drunk. They pointed at me, then pointed at themselves, like I need to climb over the fence and get to you. I was like No you will not get here. But they really did it. First of all, they came up on stage and fall right down into the drum-kit, just crashed everything. They took the guitar neck of one guitar player and screw on the tuning stuff.

Stuff like that happens sometimes, but nothing really serious. And there was a show where I throw out a drum stick signed by the band and sometimes people fight over it. But nothing really serious.

Lest We Forget: What do you sing at home under the shower?

Chris: Really random stuff. I actually sing a lot of Alter Bridge stuff. There’s something with Alter Bridge and Myles Kennedy that makes me hooked up on that stuff. Watch over you is one of my favorite songs. I warm up with that before every show. It is a good thing for my voice to warm up.

Lest We Forget: It you’d have a theme song that played every time you walk into a room, which song would it be?

Chris: A Supermario song or something. Or maybe Isolation by Alter Bridge


concert I’ve been to

Chris: It was Gates of Metal in 2004. I saw Sonata Arctica and Within Temptation on one of their first shows ever. I can rarely remember much, because I was drunk.

I got the opportunity to meet the guys of Sonata Arctica and he gave me his synthesizer and I’ve played it for about 30 seconds. That made my day.


Chris: It’s my Pretty Maids tattoo. It’s from the Jump The Guns record. It’s the album cover.

…song I could sing when I was young

Chris: It was a Savage Garden song. For some reason I love Savage Garden. I think it was Truly Madly Deeply.

...concert with this band

Chris: It was in Örebro, my hometown in Sweden. We did our first concert and I’ve written all the lyrics on my arms to remember them. I was so nervous. My pupils were so big that my father asked me if I’ve had taken something, because I looked so high. But that gig went very well. It was in a room called b sallen. It was in 2007.