Interview: Silverstein, Bürgerhaus Stollwerck (Köln)

Interview: Silverstein, Bürgerhaus Stollwerck (Köln)

15. April 2015 0 Von Lena

Josh – Guitar

Paul – Guitar

Lest We Forget: You’re gonna release your new album in about one month. Please tell us something about it.

Josh: Well, it’s called “I am Alive In Everything I touch“, it comes out may 19th and it’s very nice.

Paul: It’s really good, we’re expecting to win a lot of awards for it.

[both laughing]

Josh: Yeah, it’s good.

Paul: Maybe our best..


Lest We Forget: The first track of your new album is named “Toronto (abridged)“ and the last one “Toronto (unabridged]“ why did you decide to cut this track in two parts and then put both on the same album?

Paul: A feature of the concept is something that talks about how we’re leaving for a tour. We live in Toronto, so we leave Toronto and then we come home to Toronto. To make a record of leaving home, it makes sense to start and end there, because that’s what we do.

Lest We Forget: So the whole album kind of describes your tour life?

Paul: Effectively yeah.


Lest We Forget: It’s the 10th anniversary of your 2005 released album “Discovering the Waterfront“ and you’re gonna play the whole album tonight. How is it like to play this old songs again after such a long time?

Josh: It’s so crazy, some of them we haven’t played in a very long time. We had to relearn them. That’s interesting, it’s a neat little walk-down memory lane. All these memories are flooding back. [looks at Paul] Did you enjoyed playing them?

Paul: I very much enjoyed them. It’s a very fun time.

Lest We Forget: And which one was the hardest song to learn again?

Paul: I’m really good at the guitars so it isn’t that hard..[laughs] just kidding. I think probably the hardest one to learn was…

Josh: Maybe bits of “Always and Never“. Not because the parts were hard, just because the severing who plays what.

Paul: That’s true, Always and Never was tricky specifically for Josh and me because it was hard to figure out who plays what guitar parts.

Josh: And really even what those separated parts were at times.

Paul: It was hard, we listened to it a lot of times, trying to distinguish to parts and it’s really hard to tell but it’s definitely something there, so we did our best and we think it sounds good.

Josh: It’s funny, because I have played those songs a bunch and my memory of how they went is very different from reality, so Paul Marc stepped in and was like I think you think you know what you’re doing there but it’s not actually what’s on the record. So we tried to learn what we had originally done, just by listening to the recordings.


Lest We Forget: Since you’ll play these eleven tracks, there will be not much space on the set list for songs from your new album. Isn’t it boring just to play old songs?

Josh: We are playing a lot of other songs too.

Paul: How many would you say?

Josh: I would say a bunch. We’re gonna play eight songs from the other records. And then Discovering The Waterfront. Because we thought the same thing. People are excited to hear the whole Discovering the Waterfront record, but they don’t wanna just hear that. They also want some other stuff

Lest We Forget:They want every single song!

Josh: Yeah, everyone wants everything and we’re trying to give it to them.


Lest We Forget: You contributed some cover songs to the Punk goes Pop albums. Have you picked them up by yourself?

Paul: They tried to tell us what we should do.

Josh: We are not gonna listen to that, are you crazy? We’re gonna play what we want.

Lest We Forget: What did they say you should do?

Josh: I can tell you they told us that the Kanye song that we did was too long. They wanted to chop it down like a radio edition, but we said no. Either the whole thing or nothing, so they put us at the end of the record.

And there were some songs that we wanted to do but these were already taken.

Paul: Wasn’t there something… Maybe that record never happened… the Michael Jackson one?

Josh: Yeah, there was gonna be a Michael Jackson tribute record and we wanted to do something for that, but the record fell apart and never happened.

But I really wanted to do an Adele song for the Punk Goes Pop, but the other bands had already taken them.

Paul: The next one is gonna be Uptown Funk- Uptown Punk, maybe we should do one song of it first.

Josh: Yeah, get the jump on it. Just record them and then we’ll be like hey we have this already if you want it.


Lest We Forget: What kind of posters could be found in your room when

you were young?

Josh: I had a Superman poster, I can tell you that much.

Paul: I had a Greenday poster..

Josh: Ah and I had some snowboarding stuff I think

Paul: Yeah I had a lot of skateboarding stuff.

Josh: I don’t think I had a lot of music posters

Paul: Sorry, we disappoint you..


Lest We Forget: Which song is your hardest to play on stage right now?

Josh: Maybe one of the newest songs, then it would be A Midwestern State of Emergency

Paul: Yeah, it is tricky, it feels scary when we’re playing it, but that’s probably because we’ve never played it that much. As we play it more, it will feel more natural. But right now it feels scary. Every time we’re about to start, I make sure that my hand is in the right place and al my pedals are correct.


Lest We Forget: What could be found in your fridge right now ?

Paul: Mustard!

Josh: I do have a lot of mustard at home, too. It doesn’t go bad while we’re away.

Lest We Forget: So, you need honey!

Josh: I do have honey too actually. My girlfriends dad set us two jars of honey right before we left, I don’t know why.. But it goes good with mustard, right?

Paul: I just hate Honey Mustard. German mustard is cool because it’s very spicy. American mustard is not like that. You can get it, but nobody buys it.

Lest We Forget: So you have to restock your mustard while you’re here.

Paul: I’ve done it before, I took it home to Canada. It comes in a tube, and it’s called scharf, and it got a Lion on it. The tube of the scharf is red I think. Yeah, I brought the red one home and it was simply impossible to eat, it was too spicy. Even the medium one we had in the dressing room today is quiet spicy.


Lest We Forget: What was the craziest thing you ever did together as a band?

Paul: I feel like we don’t think anything is really that crazy, because we’re pretty crazy.

Josh: A memory just came to my mind.. let me shoot this one out and see how you feel about it:

Driving over night in Belarus, all night in the winter on this tiny little snowy road, no seatbelts and the driver had keep pulling over and Paul Marc had to pull water on him to wake him up. That was crazy.

Paul: I was thinking about one just a week after this, that very tour, we were going to Australia which, which seems like a big jump, and it was. But we were driving across the coast and we pulled over because we wanted to see the ocean and, I think it was right when the tide was coming in, there was this big rock at this beach. It wasn’t summer, it was a bit cold. But we said fuck it, we’re gonna do this. So we took our shoes off and left our phones in our shoes and ran down to the water right when it was about to crash this huge rock, took a photo and post it on instagram. Maybe you’ll still find it there, it was about two years ago. Anyway, we had a great time, but didn’t noticed that the tide was coming in and it took my shoes and my phone.

Josh: We found the shoes but the phone was gone.

Paul. I found my phone but it was completely ruined. I think Shane lost his too.

Josh: Shane ran into the water with his phone in his pocket.

Paul: But he took his shirt off! He’s running from the van and he took his shirt off when he was running and ran right into the water with his phone in his pocket.

Josh: That was oddly not the first time he ruined his phone by leaving it in his pocket while running into water.

Paul: Anyway, that was a week later. We spend twenty hours at the Frankfurt Airport in between this tour. We came to Belarus, Russia, then some German, Austria, Switzerland shows, then Australia, Hawaii. It was a really weird tour.

Josh: How do you pack for a tour like that? You need a winter jacked for Russia, you need shorts for Australia.

Paul: You need your coconut hat for Hawaii.





-the other band members

Paul: In general? Bill, Paul, Shane.

Josh: How could we describe them?

Paul: friends, enemies, musicians.


-this tour so far

Paul: You set me up for so many that are actually just three things. Manchester, London and Cologne.

Josh: How about sunny?

Paul: Yeah, sunny… funny… bunnies. Because it was Easter.

Josh: And we saw some bunnies in a petting zoo yesterday.


-your mood

Paul: My mood… funny, happy, tired.

Josh: Yeah, happy and tired.

Paul: And maybe drunk.

Josh: Not sure, but I’m working on it.


-the perfect venue to play at

Josh: Sold out!

Paul: German! For sure. And.. downtown. I fell like that’s a real answer.

That’s why German.. it covers all that stuff. It’s sold out, good catering, nice dressing rooms. And I think downtown because we like to go outside and see the city.


-your tour bus at the moment

Josh: Small.. smelly..

Paul: Sleepy? Our driver used to sleep in it.

Josh: Dark.

Paul: Yeah, dark and you have to be quiet when you’re in it because he’s asleep. And we want him to sleep well, because he drove us from London to be here today.