Interview: One OK Rock, Live Music Hall (Köln)

Interview: One OK Rock, Live Music Hall (Köln)

18. Dezember 2015 0 Von Lena

Taka – vocals

Lest We Forget: Your tour is already going a few weeks. How has it been so far?

Taka: Really good! This is the second or third time, that we’re touring in Europe. And for Germany it is the second time. Last time was one year ago at the Essigfabrik in Cologne. Yeah, we had a good time, so we’re really excited to play here in Cologne again.

Lest We Forget: What was your best memory of that day in cologne?

Taka: When I first came to Germany, I had no idea a lot of people will come to watch my concert. It’s still crazy. We’ve never been here before, so it was a big surprise. And they were singing in japanese. It’s crazy, but I love it. And their pronounciation is perfect. So much better than my English.

Lest We Forget: Do you think the people know the meaning behind these japanese lyrics?

Taka: I think some people look it up in the internet.

Lest We Forget: What do you miss the most when you’re on tour?

Taka: Nothing. Sometimes I miss the japanese food, but i guess for the rest I’m totally happy.

Lest We Forget: You first toured Europe in 2013 and these shows were sold out within minutes. Is it always like this, when you tour Europe?

Taka: I don’t really know, but there is always a huge crowd in front of the stage.

Lest We Forget: And you always have some hardcore-fans who camp outside of the venue for hours to see you. Why do you think they are so excited to see you?

Taka: I think that’s maybe because it’s a totally different country and there are not so much japanese bands, that find their way to europe I think, so it’s special. Maybe 10 Japanese bands are touring in europe or outside of japan.

Lest We Forget: Yeah, I know Coldrain, another japanese band, which is doing a world tour with Bullet For My Valentine right now. With which band would you like to tour in the future?

Taka: Oh, wow, a lot! Linkin Park maybe.

Lest We Forget: There was a documentary about you in japan. Did it turn out to be like you thought it would at the start of the recordings?

Taka: Yeah! But It was just about asian and europe shows. I’d like if it would show more of the world, like the US.

Lest We Forget: Do you plan to tour America in the future?

Taka: Maybe next year in February.

Lest We Forget: You just released your new album „35xxv“. Why have you named it like this?

Taka: The number kind of followed us, when we recorded it in the united states, so actually there is no bigger meaning behind it. The recording was very important for us and 35 became something like a symbol, because we saw it at many different places.

Lest We Forget: And this album reached number 1 in the charts. Does this put harder pressure on you and your next recording to be also no.1?

Taka: Exactly, but the number doesn’t matter actually. I just want to release the music I like, but if it gets number one again, i sure will be happy about it!

Lest We Forget: Is there a difference between japanese and european crowds?

Taka: There is a difference but we love both. When I’m singing a ballad in japan, they’re all quiet. When I sing the same song in front of european crowds, they like to sing with me and put out their lighters or phones, I love that.

Lest We Forget: Who inspired you to make music?

Taka: Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, The Used, 30 Seconds Of Mars. Kind of rock music.

Lest We Forget: Would you like do do an cover song of one of these bands someday?

Taka: Yeah, we’ve already done „Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous“ and „Wondering“.


-memory about Germany

Taka: The last time we went here to a christmas market. We were drinking hot wine and had a great time.

-photo with the band

Taka: There was a photo some days ago when we were all on stage and were jumping at the same time. That was pretty cool! I guess it was in London.

-song to play on stage

Taka: „Mighty Long Fall“. This song contains a lot of bouncing and jumping so I can see the crowd enjoying this.

-fan experience

Taka: Some fans give us chocolate. Or they have tattoos, like I signed at the arm of a girl and the next day she made it a tattoo. I think it was a girl from the US.

-of my albums

Taka: „35xxv“, that my favorite right now.

-place to be

Taka: Los Angeles. I’ve been there a lot. Actually he have a house there. The weather is always great there!