Interview: Novelists, MTC (Köln)

Interview: Novelists, MTC (Köln)

13. Oktober 2015 0 Von Stefanie

Nicolas – Bass

Matt – Vocals

Lest We Forget: You’re touring with Annisokay and Fearless Vampire Killers for one week now. How is the tour going so far?

Matt: It’s very cool. Every band is enjoying the tour. We’re super happy to be here.

Nicolas: Everything is going great for now. Though It’s always a bit weird, when you jump into a tour where you don’t know the bands. Everyone has to find his own roll in the tour at first. But it’s been great now. We all get along very well and we have good crowds.

Lest We Forget: Do you sleep in the tour bus with the other bands or do you have your own tour bus?

Nicolas: Actually no band on this tour has a tour bus. The other bands have their hotel rooms and accommodations and we drive in a night liner van – which is pretty much a big van with bunks in it.

I personally like the night liner van, because we are driven to the next venue while we sleep at night and when we get there and wake up at 10 we have the whole day to enjoy.

Lest We Forget: You recently released the lyric video for „the lichtenberg figure“ – a song from your upcoming debut album. Did you choose to release exactly this track or did the management do that?

Nicolas & Matt : We did. Of course it’s not that easy when it comes down to deciding which songs will represent your new album the best. But based on which songs we found the most powerful and based on the resonance we got from our first EP, we thought these songs were the songs our audience would most likely want to hear. However that doesn’t mean, that these are our favorite tracks and the other tracks of the album are shit. We worked hard on every single song of that album. We released the songs that we thought were the most powerful to us, but that’s a matter of taste. Every song is unique and we love them all in their own way. It’s like having two different children, you know. They are different but you love them equally.

Lest We Forget: You shot the music video for „Voyager“ in the aristides factory in haarlem (NL) and we heard that you recently shot a new video in the near of cologne (GER). How come you shoot your music videos in those cities and not in your hometown paris?

Nicolas & Matt : We didn’t thought about cities or countries we wanted to go to film our videos. We just searched for cool locations on the internet and found them there. We filmed our new music video to souvenirs in Recklinghausen (GER) because the producer of the video lives there and knew this awesome location. But we have a special link to germany too because we have a german label, a german manager a german booking agent and Nicolas lives in Berlin.

Lest We Forget: What do your families think about your new record?

Matt: Actually my mother is our biggest fan. She talks about the new album nearly everyday and can’t wait till it’s released. Although she is not into heavy music she just loves what we’re doing.

Nicolas: My sister is the same. She’s the fan number one. She’s commenting and liking everything we post. Our families are really supportive even though they know it’s a tough industry. Our guitarist and our drummer are brothers and their parents are professional musicians so they understand us even more.

Lest We Forget: What was the best experience you had with this band?

Nicolas: Our first tour with I, the breather. It was the first tour we ever made. We were really excited to get the offer from a so well known band in the first place and then we got such good friends and the tour was amazing.

Lest We Forget:What was the funniest thing ever happened on tour?

Nicolas: I’m peeing in bottles all the time we drive in the van because I don’t want to make the driver stop and loose time.

Matt: And I have to hold him so he does’nt fall over when the driver makes a turn. (laughs)

Lest We Forget: What are your favorite cities to play at?

Matt: I don’t have a favorite city in particular, but I’d say germany.

Nicolas: Yea me too. Germany has great accommodation and good food. There’s also a large metal scene in germany, so we always have good crowds that go with the songs.

Lest We Forget: How did you get started with the band?

Nicolas: We had a former band with matt and charley – our other guitarist. Matt left the project and took a year off. Then he met the brothers and he showed me the music he was doing and I was completely thrilled to join that project. Later I asked our former guitarist charley to join and we all got along very good and now here we are.

Lest We Forget: Now we got some „Which band you’ve been on tour with is the most …“ questions for you:

Which band you’ve been on tour with is the most clumsiest?

Nicolas: Shoot the girl first. They have a bad karma and often break things. (laughs)

Which band you’ve been on tour with drinks the most ?

Nicolas: Shoot the girl first. (laughs) They definetely drink the most, but then they go to bed so early.

Which band was the most fun to hang out with?

Nicolas: Shoot the girl first and I, the breather.

Which band had the most groupies/fans ?

Nicolas & Matt : Fearless Vampire Killers. They have fans that come for 10 days straight and they’re sitting infront of the venue at 10 am in the morning.

Which band needs the longest in the bathroom ?

Nicolas & Matt: Novelists. (laughs) We have a drummer that stays an hour in the bathroom.