Interview: Mayday Parade, Bürgerhaus Stollwerck (Köln)

Interview: Mayday Parade, Bürgerhaus Stollwerck (Köln)

18. Februar 2016 0 Von Lena

Derek – Vocals

Jeremy – Bass

Lest We Forget: How’s the tour going so far?

Derek: The tour is going very well. It’s a lot of fun. There are just three shows or so left. So we’re at the very end of the tour. It’s been pretty incredible so far.

Lest We Forget: Your bus broke down two days ago. Why did that happen and how did you fix that?

Derek: It’s broken down twice on this tour actually. But that stuff just happens and we were able to work it out with other transportations for the day. You just keep on tracking.

Lest We Forget: During a tour you spent nearly every day in a foreign city or country. Have you ever gotten lost?

Derek: I think Brooks and Alex got lost, but for the most parts we’ve been allright. These days we have phones, but without that I’m sure I probably would have gone lost too so many times.

Lest We Forget: So you never missed a show, because you didn’t know where the venue was or even where you were?

Derek: No, but we almost missed the show last night, because our bus broke down. But we made it.

Jeremy: But we had no soundcheck last night.

Lest We Forget: I saw that you went sightseeing today. What have you seen in cologne?

Derek: Well, the plan was to go sightseeing. But we were stuck in traffic and got here a couple hours late.

Jeremy: We’re gonna look at the church. We’ve been there before.

Lest We Forget: So you’re going there at night?

Derek: Yeah, probably. We’ve been there once and it wasn’t night so we got pictures in front of it and stuff.

Lest We Forget: Next month you’re going to tour in America. Is there any special thing – like the food or weather – you’re looking forward to in your homeland?

Derek: Well, just nice weather, for sure!

Jeremy: Those things we get used to. We travel with the same bus over there, every tour for the last three or four years now. Silly things but certain things you come to appreciate and have that comfortability of being surrounded by things you’re comfortable and familiar with.

Derek: America is the land of convenience, which I’m not saying as a good thing necessarily.

Lest We Forget:You’ve got a lot of special merch like pencils or a dog-shirt. Why a dog shirt, what’s the story behind it?

Jeremy: Our merch guy made a couple for his dogs and also for my dogs. Jake liked the idea and wanted to do it for everyone, who wants one. We’ve done a bunch of silly things, just to see if people like it or want it, so we just tried it out.

Lest We Forget: Like your Mayday Parade valentines card.

Picking up valentins day: What was the worst gift you have ever gotten at valentines day?

Derek: I don’t know. We’ve been on tour on this valentines day. Usually we’re on tour during this time.

Jeremy: Is there any bad valentines day? Either you’re at home and you can celebrate it with your girlfriend or – if you don’t have a girlfriend – you just don’t celebrate it. Or you’re on the road and it doesn’t really exist.

Lest We Forget: When you’re on tour all the time, is there a day or a holiday you definitely want to be home?

Derek: Christmas and my daughters birthday. That are the biggest ones. New Years day is always nice too, but these two are the biggest ones. We normally take December and the first couple weeks of January off. That’s a rough time to be touring anyway, because it’s so cold. We’ve done tours in very cold January but it’s not that great. Driving the van isn’t save and everything.

Lest We Forget: What do you do on tour to keep yourself entertained during these long drives?

Derek: A little bit of everything. We read, play games, write a little bit, watch movies, hang out, drink beer. You get used to it.

Lest We Forget: You’re on three punk goes pop albums: You have to be one of the bands, who’ve done the most covers for this collaboration. How did that happen? Did the producers reach out to you?

Jeremy: The people who produce the punk goes pop series are also our record label Fearless. So I think because we’re on the label the guys always ask us if we want to contribute something. It’s always fun to get to do something different. The songs are already written so all you have to do is play it.

Lest We Forget: And who decides which song you’re going to cover?

Derek: We usually argue about it until the day before we have to record it.

Jeremy: But usually it’s the bands decision.

Lest We Forget: Every second year, you released a new studio album. Does that mean we have to wait until 2017 for your next release?

Derek: I think we’ll do some stuff inbetween. We won’t release another full length, but we’ll release some songs.

Jeremy: Might try to do the stuff a little differently, like we normally do.

Derek: Yeah, we’ll see. We don’t know for sure. Certainly before the next full length comes out, we will be releasing some songs or an EP, but we’ll see.

Lest We Forget: Do you already have some songs to cover in mind maybe?

Jeremy: We’ll be thinking about it in the last minute like always.

Derek: Yeah, when they ask for a fav. You can’t think about a song.

Jeremy: We talked about a „Punk goes Disney“.

Derek: Yeah, a „Punk Goes Disney“ would be amazing!

I’d wanted to do these 90’s rock stuff like the „Comedown“ one we did. That’s my favorite one.

Lest We Forget: Some of your songs ,like „Terrible Things“, are like a whole story. Do you have the feelings or stories in mind, which you wrote about, when performing it live now, or are they covered up with new memories?

Derek: It’s different with every song, but the majority of our songs are from our personal experience. But that [Terrible Things] song is not. I just wanted to write a song about that scenario. I know that it’s super depressing.

Lest We Forget: What was the craziest thing that happened on tour?

Jeremy: Nothing too crazy.

Derek: I remember one of our first gigs with Plane White T’s. At the last day of the tour we were told that the venue was shutting down after this concert. So it was the last day of the tour, the last concert for this venue. So no one cared what we did. Some guy even told us, we were allowed to destroy everything. So we absolutely destroyed it, put chairs through the wall, tore everything apart and stuff. But after that we found out, that we were absolutely not allowed to do that and that the person who told us that was wrong all the way. Well that was a tricky situation then. That was definitely one of the craziest nights. We’re less crazy now.

Jeremy: We’re old now.


When I’m on tour I shower..

Derek: For me, not super often. I normally shower when we’ve got a day off so sometimes it’s just one time a week. All my bracelets get wet and I’m just kind of a lazy person.

My favorite song that we’ve never played live..

Derek: .. is „so far away“. It’s a song I really like and it got snuffed out to B side of „Anywhere But Here“. We will probably never play it live.

My favorite album artwork (of our own albums)…

Derek: .. would be „Black Lines“ right now. But it’s really tough to say because you have an attachment to all your albums.

My favorite peace of (our own) merch right now…

Jeremy: I like the beanies.

Derek: My favorite shirt that we’ve ever done is a shirt we did 2009 I think. It got a scene of a bunch of space guys fighting a big t-rex on mars, or something. It’s really awesome! In fact I want to do another one like that, like a new scene of that style for a new shirt. Space-dude-fighting-dinosaurs-on-planets part 2.

My best memory of this tour so far…

Derek: I think the carnival stuff was really crazy. Everybody went so nuts! We were right next to it when we had a day off in Eindhoven [Netherlands]. It was crazy: People didn’t stop partying.

Lest We Forget: If you had a day off there, have you celebrated it with the other people?

Derek: Yeah, we went out. Some of the guys didn’t get back until 5 or 6 in the morning.

Lest We Forget: Were you dressed up in a costume for this?

Derek: No and they wouldn’t let us in in some of the clubs, because we didn’t have costumes. So some of the guys found face paint somehow, put it on their face and then put an empty fries box on their head. So next carnival I guess I’d dress up as facepaint-friesguy.

The best thing about being on tour..

Derek: .. is playing every night. It’s a lot of fun. Sometimes you’re ready for a day off, but for the rest of the time it’s just amazing.