Interview: Mallory Knox, Live Music Hall (Köln)

Interview: Mallory Knox, Live Music Hall (Köln)

12. März 2016 0 Von Lena

Lest We Forget: This is your last German show for this tour. How has the tour been so far?

Mikey: The tour has been amazing. We love being back with Sleeping With Sirens, a band we toured with quiet a lot in the United States. We were always not sure if we’d get the chance to tour together again, so it was a great opportunity to get back together and do some touring.

Lest We Forget: What might be a story you could tell your parents about this tour?

Mikey: Actually my parents are very supportive. They found some time to come out and to be a little bit of the tour with us. They were with us in Amsterdam and Berlin on this tour. So they know a lot of the stories already. I just have been to cologne cathedral with Alex and a couple of the guys from this tour. It’s beautiful. This might be one thing I’d tell my parents, to come and see this in the future. I love cologne, it’s a beautiful city.

Lest We Forget: Have you been here before?

Mikey: Yeah, we came with One OK Rock last year. It was a great show, so it’s nice to be back here.

Lest We Forget: What are your best memories of this last time in cologne with One OK Rock?

Mikey: I think the crowd is just fantastic. When you get off the bus in the morning, sometimes in certain places there are a few kids waiting, but here there are so many. It’s always great to see the support, the love of fans and stuff. Cologne is a really good place for that.

Lest We Forget: Like you said: It’s your second time, that you’re touring with Sleeping With Sirens. How have you first met them?

Mikey: We met very briefly in the UK at Slam Dunk festival. We were both playing and then hung out after that, saying one day we’ll do a tour together. A couple of years later they invited us for the tour in the United States, which was incredible. And then invited us back again to do some stuff again in Europe. Usually the first week of the tour you have to break the ice and get to know one another, familiarize yourself with the other people. But the fact, that we’ve been on tour for two months with them before means that we didn’t have to do that. So from day one we were straight back on being good friends.

Lest We Forget: Do you already know some bad habits of them, like snoring in the bus or drinking too much?

Mikey: Not particularly. We keep ourself to ourselfs pretty much. I know that they’re not very good at video games. We hung out last night and played some video games. They could probably improve in that but apart from that…

Lest We Forget: Against each other?

Mikey: Yes.

Lest We Forget: So, you won?

Mikey: Yes, obviously!

Lest We Forget: Which game?

Mikey: Tekken. It’s a fight game. I’m kind of a big nerd in that game, so they didn’t even had a chance.

Lest We Forget: You released your latest studio album about a year ago. Have you already written new songs or plans for upcoming releases?

Mikey: Yeah, we’re working on album three right now. We’ve got half of the demo at the moment which we’re really excited about. We’re going to the studio again in march too, but we won’t be recording until the summertime. We don’t have a date for release or anything like that. We’re working on it for sure and we’re really excited to get it out as soon as we can.

Lest We Forget: Have you ever covered a song?

Mikey: We did a a few covers here and there. But we’ve never released them. I like covers and I think eventually, we probably do it in some form, but we’ve got a lot of our own stuff to push out and a lot of creativity, that we need to get down before. When we run out of ideas, then we’re going to cover other peoples songs. But until that happens, we carry on writing our own stuff. Plus there are too many songs to cover. We’d be in the studio forever.

Lest We Forget: Which cover would you like to do the most?

Mikey: There are so many great songs that I’d like to cover! Maybe making soft songs a bit harder and hard songs a little bit more soft. But I think my personal favorite would be „Brothers On A Hotel Bed“ by Death Cab for Cutie. It’s one of my favorite songs.

Lest We Forget: Have you ever heard someone cover one of your songs?

Mikey: Yeah, there’s been a few. On YouTube there are so many folks who cover the acoustic songs, which is so amazing. It’s a real honor, that someone takes the time to cover your songs. And there’s even a couple of bands on YouTube, who covered songs like „Oceans“ and stuff like that. You write these songs in your bedroom, six years ago and people are still taking the time to learn and cover it. Just amazing.

Lest We Forget: Your band name Mallory Knox is named after a character from „natural born killers“. This film has actually two ends. One ,which is in the film, that ends happy and one alternative end where both die. Have you watched them and which one do you like more?

Mikey: I don’t think so. I guess I have to see it, when I get home. It’s a great movie, but I have to be honest: I haven’t seen it in years. It’s a nice thing to have a link to the band, I suppose, but it doesn’t make the band after all.

Lest We Forget: And what do you like more in films: happy or sad endings?

Mikey: It depends on the film. Sometimes a sad ending is a perfect compliment to what the story is about. But at the same time everybody loves happy endings. Sometimes, when it ends sadly, your heart breaks a little bit. But that’s part of the charm of watching that film. I think films are supposed to address different emotions in people. And sadness is an emotion, that we feel and have to recognize from time to time.

Lest We Forget: Like in real life…

Lest We Forget: If you’d be asked to write a soundtrack for any film you want, which one would you choose?

Mikey: I’d like to do some kind of action movie with explosions and stuff. A film like „Mission Impossible“ would be really cool. But then again, there are cool quirky super popular films like „Twilight“, that’d be pretty cool to do. And also Superhero movies. I’d like to write a song for Batman or Superman.

Lest We Forget: Would they sound like Mallory Knox?

Mikey: Definitely. I think we could find a middle ground.

Lest We Forget: If they’d made a film about Mallory Knox, which actor would get to play the role of you?

Mikey: Probably the guys who’s in the new Harry Potter movies. I don’t want Rupert Grint to play me, but it has to be a ginger. But not Rupert Grint. He’s too friendly.

Lest We Forget: You’re not friendly?

Mikey: I’m friendly, but he’s even more friendly.

Lest We Forget: Did you know that he’s driving around in an ice cream truck, giving kids free ice cream?

Mikey: That’s exactly what I mean! I can’t compete with that. He’d made me look better, than I am, which is a good thing actually. I go with Rupert Grint.




-drinks most

Mikey: I think I’d share that title between them all. I don’t drink particularly on tour, but the boys do definitely. I don’t think one drinks more than the others.


-is the clumsiest

Mikey: I think that’s somewhere between me and Dave. I’ve got a terrible sense of balance. I fell off the stage one time. I slipped up the stage and bruised my ass very badly. It was during the first seconds of the set so I spent the whole set wondering, whether or not I’d broken my tailbone. It was so painful. But I survived. By the end of the set I was in pain. But within a couple of weeks I was good.


-needs longest in bathroom

Mikey: Me! I love showering. Showers are my favorite things in the whole world.


-who would get the most groupies

Mikey: Well, probably Dave. He’s the most lovable.


-has the most annoying laugh

Mikey: Probably Dave. Sometimes when he looses it he won’t stop laughing for twenty minutes.

Lest We Forget: Sometimes when something is extremely hilarious you just can’t stop laughing and at the end you’re laughing about your own laugh…

Mikey: That’s him, exactly!


-is the best entertainer

Mikey: He’s just gonna win all the awards. It’s Dave. He can dance, he’s funny..

Lest We Forget: He get’s all the girls…

Mikey: Yeah! He’s got everything.


-sleeps the longest

Mikey: That’ll be probably me. When I’m on tour there are days were I just sleep for 14 hours. We have a bus, where I can sleep when we’re driving. The best way to hep my voice stay good is to sleep plenty, so I have a good excuse to sleep a lot.