Interview: Her Bright Skies, Essigfabrik (Köln)

Interview: Her Bright Skies, Essigfabrik (Köln)

10. März 2014 0 Von Lena

A Swedish Band who doesn’t play metal and sounds great, is this even possible? -Yes, it is! Her Bright Skies, a young swedish band, prove this. We were able to do an interview, or better, have a fun chat with them


Lest We Forget: When and where was your first gig and how was it like?


Jaybee: It was in this small Swedish city called Gränna. It was on a school aula. Yeah, it was the first show.

Lest We Forget: How many people?

Petter: 100?

Jaybee: Yeah, 100. Kids from school. It was like a student thing, so it wasn’t that great.

Petter: I had fun.



Lest We Forget:  What would have been your Plan B if your music career wouldn’t have worked?

Vince: For me tattooing. I tattoo, so tattooing.

Petter: We all have like side projects beside the band. You

are a tattoo artist. I am a kind of a copy writer. I write texts for commercial purposes.


Jaybee: And I am a web designer.



Lest We Forget: Have you ever thought of giving up your music career? And if yes, why?

Petter: Yeah, because it fucking sucks sometimes. That’s like everything else in live. It sucks sometimes and it’s the best thing sometimes.

Vince: If you keep pushing and you keep trying, you know… You don’t want to just do all this work and then just stop. You have to see it through. And if someday it ends up we know that we gave it our best shot.

Petter: I agree.

Jaybee: I don’t think it’s possible to have a job where you wanna do it 100% of the time. Sometimes you gonna think like “Why didn’t I fucking go somewhere else and do something else?” But in the end you always stick to what you love.

Petter: Everybody has hard days at the office. This is our office and today was a good day.

Vince: This day was a good day. Yesterday was a fucking boring day. I wanted to quit the band and fucking kill myself and today I love life!


Lest We Forget: What was the best day you’ve ever had on tour?

Petter: Wow. I don’t know… Best day on tour was probably when we toured America the first time and we had a couple of days off in Los Angeles. That was sweet. That was good. That was a good feeling. It wasn’t crazy at any point but it was a 4-days-great-feeling.

Vince: It’s where so much music history happened.

Petter: And we went to a lot of those places. What about you, Jaybee?

Jaybee: It wasn’t that day that he was talking about ‘cause I didn’t really join.

Petter: He was at home, sleeping.

Jaybee: Yeah, I don’t know what I was doing.

Vince: I don’t know, I thought today was pretty great.

Petter: Boring answer!

Vince: Yeah. But it was pretty fucking cool to play in front of 1200 kids. So I’m gonna say today.

Jaybee: Yeah, I love Germany! –Ich liebe dich!


Lest We Forget: What was the first concert you’ve had been to?

Petter: My first concert was Funeral For A Friend, I think. My first real concert. And that was pretty fucking great. Yeah, Funeral For A Friend was great, that was like 10 years ago. Or maybe 12 years.

Vince: My first concert was eleven years ago and it was The Misfits. That was my first concert. Or show. Like a small show I think.

Petter: But a big arena concert was Lenny Kravitz.

Vince: I’ve never been to a big arena show ever. I’ve been to like festivals or so.

Petter: Lenny Kravitz played with P!nk.

Lest We Forget: And what was the best show you’ve ever seen?

Petter: Taking Back Sunday in London 2007.

Jaybee: I was actually with you at that show.

Vince: No. It was another show.


Lest We Forget: What would somebody mainly find in your fridge when you’re on tour?

Petter: We have a fridge? Where is it??

Lest We Forget: What would be in if you would have one?

Petter: I would have so much chocolate milk! I would have chocolate milk and then I would have bacon.

Vince: I like frozen coffee. Like Starbucks. They have them everywhere in America, so…

Petter: So, yeah, chocolate milk, coffee, bacon. That’s it!






Petter: I’ve never had a driver’s license but my first car was a Volkswagen LT, which is a bus that I bought for the band. So I own the car but don’t have a driver’s license. Then we crashed it. It was some friends who borrowed it and they crashed it.

Vince: My first was a Toyota 6B, that “box”.

Petter: Is that the one you have now? The coffin?

Vince: Yes, it’s my first car.

Petter: I love that car! I’ve had so much fun in that car.

Vince: It’s my favorite car.

Petter: It’s your only car.

Vince: Yeah, I know!


Band Shirt

Petter: Wow, Aquabats.

Vince: Misfits.

Petter: The first thing I did with that shirt was to clip out the art things and put them on another shirt. So the shirt was black and too big so I cut up the cool parts of it like the back and the front and I put it on another shirt.

Lest We Forget: It’s totally creative!

Petter: Yeah. My mom did it.


Day of school

Vince: I peed my pants. I really did, because I was scared and I had to go to the nurse’s office and that started something else. I had a crush on the nurse so what I started doing was I peed my pants in class to get out of class to go see the nurse. And I did that all of the first year.

Petter: My first day at school was, what my mom told me… I don’t remember at all. She put me in 1st grade a year earlier than everybody else. But I was pretty comfortable.

Vince: You’re great confident now. And I still pee my pants!

Petter: I know…


time abroad

Vince: I say Turkey, Turkey was my first time abroad experience.

Petter: Rome. So: Italy.

Vince: Rome is fucking amazing.



Petter: A parakeet.

Lest We Forget: Could he speak?

Petter: No, he whistled. Because we had a dog and we whistled for the dog and my parakeet started to do it too but he never spoke!

Vince: My first pet was a German Shepherd dog named Oskar. He was a good dog, but we have to give it away because he got too big and we couldn’t take him to our new home. I didn’t have a pet very long, but now… I still don’t have pets! That was my first and only.

Petter: Your first and only car and then your first and only pet.

Vince: Sad life!


thing i bought by money made in this band

Petter: Guitar strings.

Vince: A plane ticket.

Lest We Forget: To go where?

Vince: Sweden.



Petter: Americana by The Offspring.

Vince: Thriller by Michael Jackson.



Petter: Piercings I’ve had before tattoos here in my lip. First tattoo was right here

and it’s a Mexican sugar skull.

Vince: My first piercings were my ears when I was 16. And my first tattoos were my ankles, but they’re covered now, I got scary stuff on it, but it said “sad dreamer” in French, “rêveur triste”.

Lest We Forget: Why in French?

Vince: Because some of family is French.



Vince: This one. This is my first interview.

Petter: My first Interview was after the first show we did that we talked about earlier.

Jaybee: He was 12.

Petter: I was 17, dude! No I was 18 and it was after my first show.

Lest We Forget: First show, first interview, hey!

Petter: It was for a local nothing. So local nothing…