Interview: Frank Iero, Luxor (Köln)

Interview: Frank Iero, Luxor (Köln)

8. Mai 2015 0 Von Lena

Frank – Vocals

Lest We Forget: You already played and still play in a lot of bands like Leathermouth or Black Spells, why have you decided to do something like a solo project with your own name. Did you need the independence?

Frank: I didn’t want to. I actually think that it’s kind of dumb. I never wanted to be a solo artist, I think it’s weird. But I ended up writing a record and recorded it by myself and when a friend of mine convinced me to put it out I didn’t knew what I should do. I could’ve made up a band but that was kind of weird. I thought about it a lot and finally done it under my name.

Lest We Forget: So you was forced to do a good job because it’s under your name.

Frank: You notice in the misspelling of my name that I’m very hesitant about it. Maybe because I have a really weird name, like Nick Cave is a fucking great name. But Frank Iero is hard to read, hard to spell.

Lest We Forget: You’re a father of three kids, what do you think is the most important thing kids could learn from or through music?

Frank: It’s kind of the reason I made the record, it was because at the time I was feeling physically terrible. Normally I’d just lay in bed, not doing anything. But I wanted my kids to see that you could do something. I wanted them to show that you can be creative and you can take a negative and turn that into a positive. So that would be the thing that I hope they took away from it. Also that they take away that their father was a passionate person that likes to create things.

Lest We Forget: So you want them to learn instruments and this passion in music too?

Frank: If they want to. I don’t want that they dedicate their lives to it. I think that it’s a terribly hard ranching form or way to live your life. I love and hate that. I hope that they don’t be like me. I hope that they stay in school..

Lest We Forget:.. have a normal job..

Frank: Yeah. Here’s the thing. You go to school, you go to college and you’re really smart and dedicate your live to something. In 12 years, if you go to law school, you’ll be a lawyer. So whatever you do after that, you’re gonna be a lawyer. No one can ever take that away from you. If you dedicate your life to this, everyday in a van, eat fucking ramen noodles and write songs all your life, it all depends on the other people. If they don’t like what you do, you’ll never be an musician.

Lest We Forget: Would you go this way again?

Frank: Would I do it again..? I’m doing it again. I guess I would. I never wanted to do anything else.

Lest We Forget: Back in time, you were some kind of emo or punk. Now you’re a family father. Isn’t it hard to develop and improve your own personality if people always have this special image of you?

Frank: When I was 16 years old I was in a band, signed to a label and put a record out. In songs that I wrote when I was 16, people could still buy it, (it was with a band called Pencey Prep) and forever, people judge you by songs you’ve wrote when you were 16. People tend to have a prejudice image of the person that you are and always be, based on little sections of your life.

Lest We Forget: You already wrote a lot of songs. Can you remember how many you wrote or have you ever count them?

Frank: Oh no.

Lest We Forget: Can you guess how many?

Frank: Lets see. Recordwise, there are maybe 12 or 13 song per record that get released. 20 get written per record. I’ve done 8 records so that would be 160 songs and then songs that I’ve just written but never used, so maybe 250 songs, maybe more.

Lest We Forget: Which song do you think is the best song you’ve ever wrote?

Frank: Oh men, hopefully I haven’t done it yet. I would say that the song that I love the most is Best Friends Forever because that was the one I had most fun recording and probably ‚til the dead I love listening to it.

Lest We Forget: You’ve played in a lot of bands, so are you still friends with all the members you’ve ever been in a band with?

Frank: It’s weird because bands are like a marriage. Sometimes marriages break up, sometimes they don’t, sometimes people get ostracized. If you have a group of 5 people, 4 of those people will get along very well and one will always be on the outside. Normally this person leaves or gets kicked out. I noticed this a lot.

Lest We Forget: Which question have you been asked in interviews most times?

Frank: I don’t enjoy the questions where it’s like to describe the sod of a record or a project. I feel like they are lazy questions and it literally takes 3 minutes to listen to a song and form an opinion.

I also feel like the how much more do you want to add to the interview questions are my least favorite as well.

Lest We Forget: If you’d had the chance to write a soundtrack for any film, which movie would you choose to write for?

Frank: That’s a good question, I don’t know. A great film that comes to my mind is Pulp Fiction.



Frank: drums

time in Germany

Frank: 2002

impression of luxor club

Frank: I think I’ve been here before if it’s the place I think it was. It was amazing, It was the first German show that I’ve ever played. If it’s not the same place, I’ve not been inside yet.