Interview: Fearless Vampire Killers, Essigfabrik (Köln)

Interview: Fearless Vampire Killers, Essigfabrik (Köln)

18. Februar 2015 0 Von Lena

Luke – Drums

Barrone (Shane) – Guitar

Kier – Vocals/Guitar

Drew – Bass

Laurence– Vocals/Guitar

Lest We Forget: Your recent two albums were set in your self-created world „Grandomina“. Was it more like that you live in this world and tell us your story or did you just described what could be seen in this world?

Drew: I guess it was meant to be from the characters point of view, so we’re in the word.

Kier: It’s more like what’s happened in the world is commented. It’s more like story telling through telling about whats going on.

Laurence: Yeah, we’re using the story as a mask to talk about what we actually doing in real life. For the story, we’re using our own experiences, but we’re using the story to make it more interesting. You can’t just talk about peoples experiences, that would be too boring. No one actually kills people.

Lest We Forget: The songs mostly deal about feelings like being lonely or depressions. So, why did you create this world, but then talk more about feelings than the actual world and its nature?

Laurence: Well, the second album is a lot more descriptive about the world. If you look in the lyrics, it’s a really obvious story. The first album is much more feelings based. The reason we used the world to set those storys in was because it’s easier. It was personally easier for me to write songs. They weren’t necessary from my perspective. I wasn’t talking about my feelings, I was talking about the feelings of someone far more important than myself. That made it more easier for me to express feelings, because I didn’t really want to express my own feelings.

Drew is very different to me, drew felt constrained by the world. He really does like to write about his own feelings. He struggles to write songs in the world Grandomina. On the second album, I wrote all of the lyrics except a couple of chorus.

Drew: I think it’s also that the songs pretty deal more with feelings because it’s almost more complementary to what Lawrence does in the novels. In the novels you can be far more descriptive than you could ever in any song. You get more emotive description in the song.

Laurence: Yes, but if you think of a song like Unbreakable Hearts, the verse, it’s got nothing to do with feelings. Normally, the chorus are about the feelings, they’re the hooks.

Lest We Forget: There are quiet a lot myths about Vampires and people discuss about which are right and wrong, so, how would you kill a Vampire?

Laurence: I think the best way is to cut his head off. Even if it doesn’t kill the vampire.

Kier: It always depends in what kind of world it’s in. Because if it’s Buffy vampires, stab through the heart is always good way.

Lest We Forget: Beside from the music, you’re very active in creative stuff like writing a novel or comic books. What’s your biggest influence to get all these ideas?

Kier: I guess we’re quiet insular outside of the band, we have our own interests. Shane has always done artwork and does artwork. Every t-shirt, every album cover, every website, every picture you see.

Drew: Shane is our inhouse artist, because he’s cheep.

Kier: And very good!

I don’t understand when bands don’t use their band as a vehicle to explore up stuff, because it’s a great opportunity. This band is taking us to places we might have never ever seen. It’s just a great excuse to explore stuff and have fun with all this things we’re interested in. It’s just a natural progression.

Lest We Forget: What generally kills your ideas?

Kier: Just outside bullshit. When you’re in a band, there’s a lot of outside pressures. That slows you down.

Laurence: I didn’t write a song for about 4 month. We all got jobs. When you get home at 7 o’clock after work, you just can’t write a new song.

Drew: And you’ve got nothing to write about.

Laurence: Literally, If you feel like you can’t, do anything, just take a step back, make a cup of coffee and then go back at it. When you feel like it’s never gonna work, just push on, eventually it will work by this. I red this book about songwriting when I was about 16 and they said that every day, people write massive hit songs because it’s their job. And what they do is, they just go into their studios and start writing. Even if it’s shit, they keep writing that song until it’s finished. And the next song is a little bit better.

It’s like any job you do, you have to be inebriate. When I start writing, I just write, I didn’t think about what I’m writing. As soon as you start thinking about it, you think fuck what’s that. When you stop and look back at it, you will find things you don’t like about it. But you have to ignore these things.

Kier: Put your blinkers on.

Lest We Forget: In the comic world, there are usually lots of great heroes, but also villains. Which ones do you like most? The good or bad ones?

Kier: I’ve always thought that villains have a bit more dynamic. They always have back stories. There are a lot of heroes who have good back stories, but villains have to be given a reason to be the way they are.

Drew: Villains are more arresting, because you relate to the good one, the heroes, that’s how they designed it. Like spiderman is a good superhero because as a teenager, you can relate to him. He has the same sort of problems.

Luke: I don’t really relate to them. I’m fascinated by psychos, like that anything is insane.

Kier: There are these villains who trying to be good and end up failing. For example in Batman. That makes villains more tragic and interesting, because villains think that they are good.

Lest We Forget: Any maybe someday there’s a story with their point of view and then they’re the good ones.

Kier: Yeah, exactly!

Lest We Forget: If your life would be made into a film, which actors would get the roles of you?

Laurence: I would be played by Oliver Platt.

Drew: For Luke, maybe Kurt Russel. Kier, who would you be?

Kier: Ryan Gosling.

Drew: Or Dan Stevens. No, Shane is definitely Dan Stevens!

Kier: Yeah, Shane would be Dan Stevens.

Drew: Or let’s say, Shane would be Paul Dano. Who would I be.. Shaun Aston!

Lest We Forget: What’s the coolest merch you’ve ever seen?

Kier: A lot of bands have recently released them, it isn’t cool but interesting: merch for dogs. Every Time I Die got that, like hoodies and stuff. Pierce the Veil have got hot sauce, that’s quiet cool.

Luke: I like the Rammstein dildo pack.

Kier: Rammstein have dildos, but Enter Shikari have beers! This is pretty cool! Or Kiss, they’ve got a coffin.

Lest We Forget: If you would be a character in a video game, what would be your special attack?

Laurence: The blue steel face, like in Zoolander.

Drew: That would be your special attack, you would freeze them with your blue steel look.

Laurence: What would be yours?

Drew: I think farting.There’s a lot of different things I can do with that. I could jump higher, it would be a knock out gas.

Lest We Forget: Sounds like a new superhero!

Laurence: Mine would be misery. Spreading depression

Luke: I’d like to use my belly. Like stick it out and slap the enemies.


song to play on stage

Kier: On this tour, it’s Say what you want from me.

Drew: Join in! That song got a history, I broke my face. Literally.

Laurence: I would agree. That’s a hard song and the hardest songs are always the most fun to play.

Comic book or novel

Kier: I read one… Freak Angels! One of the few comic books I read and I really enjoyed it.

Luke: Mine is easy. The Shining. That’s the only book I’ve red.

Drew: I just be boring and say the Watchman comic book. It’s still the best comic book.

Shane: My favorite comic book is Blacksad because it’s amazing artwork.


Drew: I’d say Spiderman and Batman. They’re both boring, but they’re both the best.

Luke: Mine is probably Batman.

Kier: I like Iron Man, but that’s just because of the films. I haven’t got enough knowledge to make this decision. Drew will kill me later if I make the wrong decision.

Laurence: I was a massive fan of a superhero called The Shadow, who’s something like Batman, just much older. He doesn’t have any secret powers except his superpower is turning into a different person. He wears two pistols and shoots people. I love superheros that kill people. That’s my favorite thing. That’s why I like Batman, because he kills several people. And that’s why I like The Shadow.

Shane: I like Iron Man. He’s an alcoholic but also a genius.

Subject at school

Laurence: none.

Kier: I think I quiet like art, because basically we’ve never done anything. We put condoms on the door and got the teacher to open it, or draw penises.

Drew: I liked media classes.

Luke: It was PE or maths. I was good at maths.