Interview: Destiny Potato – Euroblast Festival X (Köln)

Interview: Destiny Potato – Euroblast Festival X (Köln)

14. Oktober 2014 0 Von Lena

David – Guitar/ Potato Head

Lest We Forget: You came to the Eurboblast since 2011, except last year. What was the reason you haven’t played here last year?


David: It would be kind of too much to play 3 years in a row and we didn’t have an album out. Our new album is just released 2 month ago. That’s the reason why we are here again. The main reason why we weren’t here last year was that we didn’t have material out and we were there for 2 years already.


Lest We Forget: that means that all the guys who wanted to see you last year would have come this year.


David: Yes.



Lest We Forget: Your debut album is about 50 minutes long. That’s not bad. Why did you decide to put so much content in it?


David: We’ve had so much material, we could have made 2 albums. We wanted to choose the songs and ended up with these ones.


Lest We Forget: So you’ve got enough material for an upcoming album?


David: Yes, we have our next album ready. Probably it will be released next year.


Lest We Forget: So, you will come to the next years Euroblast, too?


David: Yes, we will have some new material out, so it will be possible.



Lest We Forget: How would you explain your music to a deef person?


David: That’s a hard question. I don’t know. Probably something like singable, something you can dance to. Emotional, I think that’s the right description.


Lest We Forget: For you, the music is more emotional than technical?


David: Yeah, it’s a mixture of catchy stuff and some technical stuff, but as we move on we actually try to be more catchy. More for the audience.



Lest We Forget: What’s your favourite song to play on stage?


David: Right now, I really like to play Walls of Thoughts because we haven’t played it before live so it’s probably my favourite because it’s a new one, it’s fresh. From older songs probably addict. Because it’s the heaviest one. You just can go crazy.



Lest We Forget: If you would be asked to write music for a film, for which film would you decide to write a soundtrack?


David: Actually I already wrote a few soundtracks. But not many people know about it. I did one for the movie called “Assasin’s Bullet“. It’s… -I haven’t seen that move to be honest. It was a really expensive project. Famous actors like Donald Sutherland. But I haven’t seen the movie yet.

If I could do more soundtracks I would probably so some asian films. Because of my mood. Not these fight movies or drama.


Lest We Forget: So the focus can be on your music.





Lest We Forget: What is your favourite albumcover?


David: I don’t know.. Pink Floyd got some amazing album covers. I feel like dream theather got a touch of pink floyed, bacause of these colors. It got something I think.



Lest We Forget: What is the most useless stuff you’ve got but can’t throw away?


David: Probably some stuffed animals. I usually keep them in boxes. When I got them I’m like Ohhh how cute, but then..


Lest We Forget: I think we’ve all got these boxes deep inside our basements.



Lest We Forget: What’s your biggest turn-off?


David: I don’t know.. some ugly shit can happen. There so much things. I like it when girls have a story, somthing interesting. I’m not that physical. I’ve always had longer relationships and I’ve been with some really really nice girls.


Lest We Forget: That fits. Emotional music, emotional relationships.


David: Yes, definitely! But if the girl is sexual-agressive, that’s a turn-off for me.



Lest We Forget: What is the best break-up line?


David: Break up line… :I’ve got to go!

I don’t know. I really hard to break up. I guess I don’t like you anymore is just.. how it is, just be honest.



Lest We Forget: If you had a theme song that would be played every time you walked into a room, what would it be?


David: Some Michael Jackson stuff.


What would … answer



– what is your favourite colour?


David: I pick Aleksandra, her favourite colour is purple.



– at which age did you get your first boyfriend/girlfriend?


David: For Milan, maybe 27 [laughs]


– how many times have you tried your driver’s license test until you passed?


David: This one is for Vanja I guess. I think he got it from the first try. He’s a really good driver.



– how many pairs of shoes do you have?


David: Aleksandra, thousands! I think she wear like three of those but she got thousands.


-what kind of alcohol make you puke the most


David: Milan would say beer. He doesn’t like beer.



-who do you think is the best male artist


David: For Aleksandra that would be …


Aleksandra: Jared Leto


David: Nicki Minaj.


Aleksandra: Oh, fuck you!


David: Or Justin Bieber



-what song would you perform at a karaoke party?


David: Milan would say Grease.