Interview: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Matrix (Bochum)

Interview: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Matrix (Bochum)

20. Oktober 2015 0 Von Lena

Eric – Guitar

Bastien – Drums

Cedric – Bass

Bert- Vocals

Bodo – Guitar

Lest We Forget: The band exists more than eight years now. You released one EP and three albums. Which of them do you like the most?

Bodo: I think the last one. It’s just more mature. It’s going the way we want to go.

Lest We Forget: Which way do you want to go?

Bodo: I don’t know, We still have to find ourselves. It just sounds more mature and the songwriting is better. We mixed everything into our music. I feel like it makes more sense on this album, then it used to.

Lest We Forget: And what’s your favourite artwork?

Eric: I like the second one, on „Napoleon“. I like the painting and it’s fucking fresh. I live very close from Napoleons grave in Paris, so it’s very cool.

Lest We Forget: You’re one of the few bands that have got a (nearly) stable Line-up over the time. What do you think about the bands who change their members all the time?

Bodo: Shit happens. Some people don’t get along very well on tour because it’s pretty hard. We’ve been together for a long time. But we’ve been friends before we started to be a band, so we get along and know how to avoid each others. I guess when you spend so much time with the other people on tour and don’t have really room for yourself, there are a lot of fights. Some people realise someday that this isn’t their kind of lifestyle.

Lest We Forget: What have you fought the most about in this band?

Bodo: Drugs. [laughs]

Eric: About our set I guess.

Lest We Forget: Have you ever thought about breaking up with the band and stop making music?

Bert: That’s something every band thinks about, because back home you have a job and everything. You have to find a way to be comfortable with making music and living your life. It’s more about how you going to make a living. But after eight years, we’re still here.

Lest We Forget: And how do you see your future? Will you stay as a band?

Bert: Back in the days, the bands lasted forever and now it’s changing so much in the music scene so I feel like every band is a bit futile.

Bodo: But we probably gonna die before that. [laughs]

Bert: Yeah, me first probably.

Cedric: I had a dream about that. He’ll be the first one to die and I’ll be the second one.

Lest We Forget: You’ve played the Vans Warped tour already two times, so which of these tours was your favourite to play?

Bodo: The first one. That was the best line up in 2012. I think this was the Best Warped tour ever. There were all these big bands.

Bert: And the first time you do Warped tour it’s crazy. Everything seems super huge and super big. If you do it a second time, you realize that it’s not that big. You still have fun. It’s like the first time you have sex. You’ll always remember it. Not always the best one, but you’ll remember it.

Eric: Yeah, we all grew up watching the warped tour DVD and buying the CDs. When you’re finally there, it’s actually cool and you hang out with all these bands.

Lest We Forget: At the beginning of your music career you said, that your english wasn’t very good. How was it like for you to write the lyrics and how did you manage it?

Bodo: It’s still hard. The differences between seven years ago and now is that we can write lyrics that make grammatically sense. We can write good lyrics that make sense, but it’s hard to write awesome lyrics. On our last record we had some help to be honest. It actually makes more sense now because we worked with some american producers and they were able to tell us how it would sound better, or make more sense. Now we kind of know how to make it work. But it’s still a big challenge.

Bert: Yeah, it takes forever to write just one song.

Lest We Forget: Have you ever thought about writing in French?

Bodo: Nope, never. You can write poetry and stuff like that but it doesn’t really fit in this punk-rock music.

C: I just know one band who did this in French. Maryhasagun. They sing in French. But they have more that poppy sound.

Lest We Forget: Your new album was released this year. Did it turn out like you thought it would in the first place?

Bert: We didn’t really expect something, because we were unprepared when we started working on this album. We were going to the studio and just wanted to let the magic happen. To find the sound while we were recording. That’s why we didn’t expect a lot at the first place, but now I think everyone is happy about how it turned out. I feel like people like it.

Lest We Forget: What’s your worst case scenario during a show?

Bert: Bad crowd, bad sound.

Bodo: I think a bad sound guy is the worst. And there are a lot of bad sound guys.

Bert: Today, our sound guy was drunk. It doesn’t help.

Bodo: Yeah, if you don’t feel comfortable on the stage it’s really hard to bring the best of what you got. We always try, but sometimes it’s harder.

Lest We Forget: What was the best thing ever happened to you on tour with the band?

Bastian: One of the best things was the very last day of the tour in LA. Our label came and the honour of the label got us a cab, brought us to a strip club and gave us money. We had a great time, getting lap dances for free.