Interview: Chimp Spanner – Euroblast X (Köln)

Interview: Chimp Spanner – Euroblast X (Köln)

14. Oktober 2014 0 Von Lena

Paul – Guitars/Producer/Writer

Lest We Forget: Have you ever thought about making music with a singer?


Paul: Yeah, but not with Chimp Spanner. I think it is kind of what it is. I wouldn’t mind doing something else with a singer. I am working at something at the moment with a singer but it’s top secret. But people gonna like it, I think.


Lest We Forget: When will we hear about this project?


Paul: Kind of soon I think. Maybe the next couple 2 or 3 month.


Lest We Forget: Okay, we look foward to hear about it.



Lest We Forget: What attracts you most about instrumental music?


Paul: I think it’s cool to let peoples imaginations fill in the blanks. You can say things you couldn’t say with words. You can use a lot more techniques and stuff because you don’t have to make room for lyrics.



Lest We Forget: You started with live gigs in 2010. Your bandmembers just joined in 2011. Was it hard to play on stage without a stable line-up?


Paul: Yeah, it’s a little bit hard, i mean until 2010 i hadn’t played live before, so i agreed to do the show but i didn’t had a band, so i had to quickly email people can you do the drums, can you play guitar and then the actual show was basically my first live show. First Chimp Spanner show, first live show. So that was kind of scary. I played with the Monuments, they were my band at the time. I toured with them about a month and a half. Now I have a lot more experience, now the things aren’t so scary.


Lest We Forget: But it worked everytime?


Paul: Yeah, the songs sound better live than I thought they would. They were never supposed to be played live.




Lest We Forget: If you want to become a musician do you think it’s easier if you grow up in a musician family, like you did?


Paul: I know people that have an interest in music and because their parents don’t understand it they might try to push them in another direction like you need to get up und get a real job. It does help if you’ve got people who understand what you want to do und give you the space. It’s not impossible but I think to have an musician family can be very helpful. Just when I was growing up and doesn’t know anything i could simply ask how do i do this and they tell me, that’s cool.


Lest We Forget: So it’s much easier to learn new music stuff.


Paul: Yeah, if you don’t know how to do something, you have to find out the hard was. Pay for lessons or something like that.



Lest We Forget: What’s your favourite Band at the Euroblast?


Paul: I love TesseracT. Especially now they got Dan back as well. It’s also the second time I see Animals As Leaders.



Lest We Forget: What is the funniest German word you know?


Paul: I like the word for Butterfly. Schmetterling. It sounds very aggressive. And Kaninchen, a rabbit. Katze also.


Lest We Forget: Much animal words.


Paul: Yeah, that’s kind of weird.



Lest We Forget: Which habit do you think is most annoying?


Paul: Probably when drummers drum on everything. That’s really annoying.



Lest We Forget: What’s the first thing you do in the morning?


Paul: First thing I do in the morning is.. I make a cup of coffee. I sit there for myself about 10 minuites until it is ready and I have the energy to work.


Lest We Forget: So you’re sleepy until you drink your coffee?


Paul: Oh, I’m still sleepy but at least I’ve got my coffee.



Lest We Forget: What is the cutest animal you know and how would you name it?


Paul: Sloths are really cute. You’ve seen a baby sloth?


Lest We Forget: No, sadly not, just on photos.


Paul: Baby sloths are really cute! I want to get one. But I don’t know how i would call it then. Maybe Larry.









Paul: Was in 2002. I think it was in greece. There were an earthquake. It was terribe. So I won’t get back to greece.


-Film i saw


Paul: It was edge of tomorrow with Tom Cruise. A really good film!



-Time i bought a concert ticket


Paul: I think it was Deftones in London, but I didn’t bought it. It was a present from my girlfriend.


Lest We Forget: That also counts.



-Think i lost while i was drunk


Paul: I actuall don’t drink a lot. The last time i drank was new years and i think the only thing i lost was my dignity.