Interview: Brutai – Euroblast Festival X (Köln)

Interview: Brutai – Euroblast Festival X (Köln)

4. Oktober 2014 0 Von Lena

 Henry – Guitar

Felix – Vocals/Guitar

Mathieu – Drums

Mike – Bass

Alex – synths./Vocals

Lest We Forget: In Germany, to put an i behind a word means to belittle it. What does it mean in english?


Henry: It makes it sound more fun. In english, it makes everything sound fun.

Felix: It sounds more dinky.


Lest We Forget: When did you first learn to play an Instrument and who teached you?


Henry: I learned guitar when I was 4. I played classical guitar, so I had an classical guitar teacher. These guys are mostly self-tought I think.

Felix: Yeah, I was self-tought when I bought myself a guitar at the age of 10. I just tought myself by reading a bunch of magazines, Reading books and then the inernet came along a bit later and that helped a lot, too. And singing… I did it because no one else could.


Lest We Forget: What is your favourite band at the Euroblast?


Felix: I’m definitly looking foward to see SikTh because I listened to them a while ago. Also I love Monuments. I’ve see them live a bunch of times and I’m looking foward to seeing them again for sure. Felix Martin as well because he has the same name as me and he plays the 14-string guitar. This should be interesting.


Lest We Forget: Which Radio Song do you hate the most in time?


Felix: Most mainstream stuff. I mean in UK they play no metal at the radio.

Mathieu: I hate Call me Maybe

Alex: We like the old pop music. Not the new one.

Felix: But the old pop music died a while ago.

Lest We Forget: You should start your own radio channel!

Felix: Yeah, we should! Playing good pop music, and metal! Why not?..


Lest We Forget: What thing do you photograph the most? – maybe your lunch or something..


Felix: My Cats! They’re always posing and make cute faces, so definitly my cats!

Alex: I make selfies most the time.



Lest We Forget: What do you hate the most waiting for?


[unanimous]: Food!

Felix: When you’re hungry, there’s nothing worse! And a beer, if you really want one, that’s awful! Food and drink!



Lest We Forget: In which time (like the 80′ or 90′) would you like to live?


Felix: Late 70′ and early 80′, like that kind of time. Great Music, everyone is dressed really cool.



Lest We Forget: What do you first notice when you meet new people?


Henry: I think people have a way of determinant someones personality quite quicky, so I don’t now if you can put a word on it but i guess then you decide if you like someone or not depend of what they say.

Felix: I like people who smile a lot. Smiling is very welcoming.



Lest We Forget: If you have the ability to make a new law, what would it be?


Henry: Legalize all drugs.

Felix: [laughts] let people make their own mistakes.



ANSWER ABOUT (Henry-Felix)


Felix: This should be very easy with best friends of 12 years. We’re pretty much married.



Would he be a good kindergarden teacher?


Henry: Him? Good Kindergarden teacher? I think he is not smart enough to be a teacher. So probably not.

Felix: I think he would be awfuly because he is so grumpy. So NO!



What is he keeping under his bed?


Alex: You don’t wanna know

Henry: [laughts] Yeah, you don’t wanna know. I don’t know, maybe dirty socks.

Felix: His secret diary. Which I’ve read.



What would he do if he locks hisself out (of the house or the tourbus)


Felix: He would probably go to the pub and relax, have a few drinks and trying talk to random people, make new friends.

Mike: Alex would climp through his windows, because they’re always open.



If he would win an oscar, who would be the first person he’d thank?


Henry: Mami and Papa, i suppose. Mum and dad, they made me the man I am today.




What colour has his underwaer the most times?


Henry: I think it’s generally white.

Felix: You should know, you see enough. I think Henry wears.. it’s not about the colour, just about how many holes he has in it.

Henry: Just one.

Felix: Yeah, one in the front. But most times it’s black.