Interview: Animals As Leaders, Euroblast Festival X (Köln)

Interview: Animals As Leaders, Euroblast Festival X (Köln)

8. Oktober 2014 0 Von Lena

 Javier – Guitar

Lest We Forget: Since when do you have a stable line-up for your live gigs and what was about the time before? How did you recorded the songs?


Javier: The line-up is just 3 of us. Tosin, Matt and myself. We had this line up for the last 3 years.

How we make the songs?-The most songs are draft from guitar riffs, stuff that tosin or myself do. We write the guitar parts and then we compose it in the computer, arrange the several guitar parts. For the last Album we went to the studio and played the drums and all, to record it.



Lest We Forget: If you would be asked to write a soundtrack to any film, which film would you choose to write for?

Javier: Batman!

Lest We Forget:Would it sound like the original Batman Theme or would it sound different?

Javier: Way cooler!



Lest We Forget: What was your favourite subject at school?

Javier: Lunch.



Lest We Forget: What was the worst idea you and your best friend ever had?

Javier: There are a lot of bad ideas.. When I was a kid.. This was kind of an evil idea… they had a restaurant and in front of the restaurant there used to be a pizza store. I used to call another pizza store and have like 10 pizzas delivered to this store. Then I sit in front of my parents restaurant and wait for the pizza guy.



Lest We Forget: If you have the ability to fly, where would you fly first?

Javier: Alaska.

Lest We Forget: And why? Just to visit the country?

Javier: Just to fly over it. See the nature.



Lest We Forget: What’s your favourite super-power

Javier: I say invisibility.

Lest We Forget: Why?

Javier: So you could sneak around.

Lest We Forget: Deliver much more pizzas…

Javier: I could make pizza slices moving around.







Javier: Du hast – Rammstein



-time of my life

Javier: pooping. It’s like wish i didn’t have to



-underwaer to wear

Javier: For me, a thong. Very uncormfortable.




Javier: my best film would be Wolf of Wallstreet, but worst.. I don’t know.




Javier: Daydreaming while driving and then getting in an accident. I did that one time looking at a girls butt. True Story.




Javier: Drugs. Maybe Heroin or Meth.