Interview: All Time Low, E-Werk (Köln)

Interview: All Time Low, E-Werk (Köln)

17. März 2015 0 Von Lena

Jack – Guitar/Vocals

Zack – Drums

Karo & Milena – Allschools:

Nicole – Stars Wanted:

Lena – Lest We Forget

Karo: Could you please tell us: how’s your tour so far?

Jack: This is definitely the best and biggest European tour we’ve ever had. This is our first time playing at a lot of this venues, our first time selling out in Paris and cologne, so this tour is a very big deal for us. And it shows that our European fan base is growing, so we’re very excited.

Karo: When you say they’re growing, do you mean like their age or people wise?

Rian: People wise. More people are coming to our shows.

Karo: The first time you’ve played in cologne that was at Luxor Club.

Rian: Yes, a very small place.

Karo: You’re really excited for the wemberly show?

Jack: Yeah, it’s a big deal for us in many reasons. It’s our biggest headlining shows but also we’re filming our next DVD. The last DVD was such a big deal for us and helped to grow our fanbase and take our band to the next level. it was surprising to us how fast the tickets were sold.

Milena: Your fan base has grown quiet a lot over the last few years. Do you feel like there is more responsibility for you now?

Jack: Yeah, I do think that as we get older and are still a band after twelve years there’s kind of more responsibility to still put on a great show.

Rian: A better show!

Jack: Especially to the people who’ve seen us. Some people have us like ten or fifteen times so you just don’t wanna keep putting on the same show. You want them to keep coming back and stay fans, stay interested.

Karo: But let’s take responsibility on another level: your fans are quiet young and they’ve sometimes trouble with their own lifes and see a kind of hope in your music. At the meetings with you they tell you their stories like that they’re self-harm and stuff. How do you feel about it?

Jack: It hurts to hear that kind of thing and I wish that they had professionals to help them. We can only help so much, we can meet them for a second. It does help them a lot but I hope that they can find help through other ways as well.

Rian:Everyone is super young, so it’s just like growing up. Being thirteen or fourteen and finding out who you are.

Jack: Yeah. It hurts to see them but it’s nice to see how excited they get when they meet us.

Karo: You’ve got a big impact on them.

Nicole: At your video „Something’s Gotta Give“ you played as Zombies. How did it all started?

Jack: The director got the lyrics and he saw dying to live is on the lyrics and created the whole video about a zombie who just wants to live a normal life and doesn’t even know he’s a zombie ,actually thinks he’s a normal dude -who’s Alex in the video. We thought it’s the funniest concept, a zombie not knowing he’s a zombie. And we just actually want to become zombies.

Rian: When we started filming we were like holy crap, this looks really graphic, TV might not put this on.

Jack: They’re pretty strict in the US about what they could put on TV, so there’s a censored version. So yeah, we were just very interested in doing a video that sounded fun and pretty cool to be honest.

Rian: A lot of make up!

Jack: Yes, it took three and a half hours to put the make up on and another two to take it off.

Nicole: The album is full of energy I think. Where do you guys take it from?

Jack: I do think that our band always had certain energy but I do think that John Feldmann did a very good job bringing out the energy in the band. I think he really was incentive to what the songs are gonna sound like live which is a big deal for us because our life show is so important. When we were writing songs and there’s something that we kept in mind the entire time, like what is this gonna sound like when we perform it; That gave us a new energy for the record because we wanted to play all these songs live.

Rian: Sometimes our songs don’t translate from our last record like they do on our new record.

Lena: On your upcoming album, you’ve got some collaboration songs like „Tidal Waves“ (ft. Mark Hoppus). Was it easy for you to do this teamwork?

Rian: I think Jack was drooling the whole time for Mark to see him.

Jack: The way that came about was Alex wrote the song bail me out with Benjamin and Joel, and Joel ended up singing on the demo. When we recorded the song we missed Joels voice on it and I was like hey dude, would you mind singing on the actual track. We’d love hearing you on it! so he sang it. The song actually turned out to be a duet with Alex and Joel. They don’t sound terribly different from each other, their voices sound really nice together. That was a really good experience for us, we grew up seeing Good Charlotte. The Mark Hoppus thing was just a big deal because the song is about finding your place as a band and seeing your career as a big accomplishment. Having Mark Hoppus sing on it was like getting his blessing on our career and what we’ve done. He’s our idol so it’s a big deal for us.

Nicole: One question to the artwork of your Future Hearts Album: The main thing to see on it is the heart with the eye and birds flying out of it. Can you say why you choose all these things and combine it?

Jack: We just like the logo, to be honest. Future Hearts was the name of the album before we had the artwork and as soon as we saw the logo this is the perfect way to take our whole album and put it in one symbol.

Karo: Can you explain what the elements of the logo mean?

Rian: A seeing eye, it sees everything.

Jack: Yes. But I think that the birds are a big deal because that was taken directly from the So Wrong It’s Right CD artwork. We hope people notice this. Some people have, which is cool. This is just a kind of note from where we’ve been. It’s just new chapter in our life but we’ll never forget where we came from.

Rian: The birds are metaphors. [laughs]

Milena: Have you ever guessed how many bras you’ve got over the time?

Jack: I don’t know over the time, but…

Rian: Thousands!

Karo: You keep them?

Rian: We donate them.

Jack: Yeah, we usually donate them, we have nowhere to keep them.

Karo: You donate them? To where?

Jack: Breast cancer awareness. You literally would need a warehouse to hold the amount of bras we get. Let’s say 2.000 to 3.000 bras a year.

Karo: And what’s the strangest fan present you ever got?

Jack: We’ve got really weird stuff.

Rian: Over here we usually get beer and stuff.

Jack: Which is awesome! But it’s always weird to get sex toys. Love dolls are actually funny.

Lena: What’s your best break-up line?

Jack: Oh, break up line..

Karo: Or pick up line!

Jack: I’m so bad at picking up girls. I’m always like hey, where you’re from ? and as soon as they hear my English accent they’re just like No! I’ve realized that European girls don’t really like American accents. The American accent is very not sexy.

Karo: It sometimes sound a little bit harsh.

Jack: Yeah, I think the sexiest accent might be London or maybe Australian. I even think Australian dudes sound sexy. It’s an great accent.

Nicole: We asked some fans on Facebook what their question to you is and one we took out is: What’s the difference between a concert in Germany and America?

Jack: I do think that the Germans like chatting thing. I do find it always funny over here when they’re saying stuff in German and were like what are they saying. Was it a good or a bad chat?

Every time we’re in Germany they always chat you have nice hair.

Milena: Du hast die Haare schön!

Jack: Yeah, that’s funny!

I do think that the crowd are both energetic. The German crowds are very passionate, they’re very crazy. They love moshing and circle pits, which is nice because we like that kind of stuff.