Interview: Hinder, Luxor (Köln)

Interview: Hinder, Luxor (Köln)

10. September 2015 0 Von Lena

Marshal – Vocals

Cody – Drums

Lest We Forget: Beside a festival, this is your first european show with a new singer. Does this makes you more excited than usual?

Cody: Yeah, I’d say for the rest of this world we’re definitely excited now. It’s always fun to watch the fans react to Marshal. He’s got a lot of energy and fun on stage. It’s always fun to watch them see him for the first time.

Marshal: It’s really exciting. It’s exciting to play with Hinder anyway. I’m really happy to do it.

Lest We Forget: Your most famous song is „Lips Of An Angel“ and you play it nearly every show. Doesn’t it get boring sometimes to perform this song for the hundredth time?

Marshal: It doesn’t really for me. I mean, I don’t get tired of playing this song. I love the way the crowd reacts to this song. [Looks at Cody] But you’re probably sick of it.

Cody: No, I feel the same way. I love watching people to sing along with this song. Their eyes seem to light up whenever we start playing it.

Lest We Forget: Was there any show where you haven’t played it?

Cody: I think we’ve played it in every single show. I think people would get pretty angry if we’d skip it [laughs]

Lest We Forget: Which is your favourite song to play live and which do you think does the audience like the most?

Cody: My favourite one to play live is probably „All American Nightmare“. That’s a pretty heavy song.

Marshal: I like „Lips Of An Angel“ and „Get Stoned“ because everybody reacts to this song. Another one that I really enjoy is „See you in Hell“.

Lest We Forget: Have you ever spontaniously changed the setlist, because you wanted to play a song that wasn’t on it?

Cody: We normaly don’t. We’re really structured, we’re not really great under pressure. Tonight we’re playing a fairly obscured cover song, so that might be kind of different.

Lest We Forget: Your first singer Austin left Hinder because of addiction issues. Many bands have to deal with such things. Aren’t you scared that you might will get the same sort of problems?

Marshal: I mean it could happen. Anything is possible. But I don’t think it’s likely I would fall into that. I might drink a little much sometimes, but I’m not addicted.

Cody: Marshal is one of the nicest guys that I’ve ever known in my life. I mean, he was there and witnessed the whole thing happen. And he’s very talented so I don’t worry about him.

Marshal: Plus it also happend to me in the band I was in before Hinder. Our singer did the same. I just was a b-singer and played guitar. I’m a guitarplayer first and a singer second. I don’t think that I have the equal problems like other singers.

Lest We Forget: You make music together since six years now and are also good friends behind the stage. Is it easy for you to do something with each individual person, without always talking about band stuff?

Cody: Yeah, we hang out all the time. Marshal and I have a production company and we record songs and music for other bands, too. So we see each other almost ever day at home. We also go out at bars with the rest of the guys and just hang out together all the time.

Lest We Forget: You name Guns’n’Roses as a band who influenced your music. Could you imagine this way for Hinder, like don’t release a new album for 18 years and then come back together and record music again?

Cody: It’s hard for me to imagine not playing music together for such a long time. I don’t think that would happen to us but never say never. You never know what’s going to happen. But it would be very difficult for all uf us to take such a long break away from this band, because we love this so much.

Lest We Forget: You also said, that you don’t want to „stick in a rut with one type of sound“, but is there any genre that you would never listen to? Like rap or something?

Cody: We actually make rap.

Marshal: Yeah we have an underground kind of rap/hip-hop project called Seabass N tha Fellas . We have a whole library of songs we’ve written. But we’ve only released the song „Pocket“.

Cody: Yeah, there’s a YouTube video. We’re just having fun.

Marshal: Yeah, it isn’t meant to be taken super seriously.

Cody: We had a country project for a while. The only thing that we haven’t really done is electionic music.

Marshal: We’ve kind of experimented around with it in some musical production.

Cody: Yeah, we’re fans of all types of music, we’re open to pretty much anything.



Had a dream about the other bandmembers?

Cody: Yeah, that actually happens quiet often. We all have this reocurring dream that we’re up on stage and somethings’s going wrong during the show. People were slowly starting to leave and by the end of the set there is nobody left in the building. My worst nightmare.

Marshal: I had this reocurring dream, where we’re hanging out and all of a sudden someone’s like „You’re going on stage in ten minuites, are you ready?“ And I didn’t even know, we were playing and there is no setlist. I don’t even have a microphone.

Played drunk on stage?

Marshal: The better question would be have been, if we ever not played drunk on stage!

Lest We Forget: Have you?

Marshal: Yes, but no that often.

Cody: I’ve done it one time and I’ll never do it again.

I do remember that there was one time, we were playing in the UK and we went to the bar before the show and drank these big beers and I just got hammered drunk. We were playing „Lips Of An Angel“ and there was a drum fill and I was just too drunk to do it. My arms just quit working so I stopped playing for a second. They all kept playing and so I came back in a moment. That was the only time I was way too wasted.

Marshal: As far as being about too wasted on stage, I do remember one time when I was playing in a different band and we were really drunk because it was somebodys birthday. I was playing the guitar and at some point this was the last thing I remember of the show. It was only a quarter into the set and we were playing for an hour and a half. I was like rocking out on the drums, facing the drummer, stepped off backwards, lost my balance and just fell off the stage into the crowd. They kind of got me but I hit my elbow really hard. The next thing I remember was that I woke up the next morning and didn’t remember any of the night.

Honestly, nobody even brouht it up like remember when you fell off the stage so I guess everybody else was drunk too.

thought about stop making music?

Marshal: Yeah, quiet a bit actually. Just because the music industry is such a hard indusrty to get on it. It can be very discouraging sometimes and you feel like you’re not getting anywhere. There are definitely days where you wake up and don’t want to do it anymore, but honestly, that never lasts. That might be a momentary sitation. You just can never stop playing music. Doing it professionaly is one thing, but I’ll never say that I’m not going to sing again or never pick up the guitar again. That’s just not going to happen.

Cody: That’s the exact same thing, I was about to say. Exactly…

wrote a song and never recorded it?

Cody: All the times. Our phones are full of different melodies or song ideas that we never finished it, or just finished, but decided that it’s not good enough.

Lest We Forget: How do you know that it’s not good enough. Maybe you don’t like it but the fans would love it.

Cody: That’s a good point but since we do most of the recording, if we don’t like it, it’s not gonna be recorded.

Marshal: If you get an advice of any producer, the number one thing that everybody says is that if you don’t think that a song is good then don’t waste any time recording it. No matter how hard you try to make a song good with the production, it never will work for you.

played a show while angry on each other?

Marshal: I’m sure.

Cody: Mike is really good in pissing me off, so I’m mad at him quiet a bit at shows.

Marshal: He gets angry a lot. We can tell when he’s mad. I remember one night when my microphone kept cutting out and we were trying to fix it several times but it didn’t work. That kind of shit pisses mike off. So one time he just came up, grabbed my mic, threw it on the ground and replaced it with his.

woke up and didn’t knew where you are or what happened?

Marshal: A lot.

Cody: One time in Kansas City we were taking shots at a bar and I woke up randomly at a hotel in a stairwell, my shoes were gone. I found them down in two different levels. I didn’t had my phone on me and didn’t knew where I was.

Lest We Forget: But you found your way back home?

Cody: Yeah, I finally figured all out and called my wife, she helped me to put the puzzle back together.

Marshal: I woke up one time randomly in Texas in someones house. I got really drunk and we had this huge after party and a cop showed up. I just left with somebody. I didn’t even remember getting in the car with somebody. I just woke up and didn’t know where I was. Luckily I had my phone with me. I had to go outside and see the adress. Nobody was there either, I guess they had to work. I just woke up in some random persons house.