Interview: Coldrain Substage (Kalrsruhe) Englisch

Interview: Coldrain Substage (Kalrsruhe) Englisch

7. November 2015 0 Von Lena

Masato – Vocals

Lest We Forget: You just released your new album „VENA“. What’s the thing you’re most proud of on this album?

Masato: I think we’re proud of the whole record. We love all the songs on it. Especially, that we’ve got a good balance of what our band is all about. If I’d have to pick a track: I’m really happy that we’ve got Jacobi from Papa Roach singing on one of the songs. It’s awesome.

Lest We Forget: How many songs of your new album are you going to play tonight?

Masato: We’ll play two songs from „VENA“. It just came out yet and we were on tour when it got released, so we’re keeping the set for now. But we want to play at lot when we come back to do our headline show, maybe next year.

Lest We Forget: This is your second time supporting Bullet For My Valentine at their tour. Are you friends with them behind the stage?

Masato: Definitely!

Lest We Forget: How have you first met them?

Masato: We’ve got the same management company and right now, we even have the same manager. The first ever show that we did in Europe was supporting them, and we just became friends. We had that vibe, that was really good the first time. After that, we met them at festivals and they came up to see us, when we played in London again.

Lest We Forget: What was your funniest moment with these guys?

Masato: He‘s gonna hate me for saying this, but one of my funniest moments was with Matt. He plays Fifa on Xbox and the last tour he and the crew were always playing. We were just watching, but I was practicing without him knowing. At the last day of the tour I played three games and beat him every single time. Matt’s not a guy that loves to loose in anything, so that’s a cool memory for me.

Lest We Forget: There are just a few japanese bands in the metal/rock genre. What’s your favorite asian band in this scene?

Masato: We’re friends with everyone who’s doing heavy stuff, because there aren’t that many. We hope that there’ll be more in the future and that everyone that’s doing it right now, will continue. We have a band that’s like brothers to us called SiM. They’re like Skindred, like reggae-metal, but they’ve never done anything outside of Japan. Our management label in Japan is only two bands. Us and them. So if we do a headline, maybe we’ll bring them over.

Lest We Forget: Some of your songs are used in animes. Have you ever watched them?

Masato: Yes, we wrote a song for the anime called Rainbow. We did the opening track for that. We got the offer, so we just went in and got all the mangas. We didn’t really wanted to do too much anime, because it changes the course of a band. It can be cool if it works out, but if it doesn’t work out, you become an anime song band. But we read all the comics. It is such a good comic that we wrote a song for it. It’s metal and has screaming in it, so we were like „If you guys don’t think this is good for TV it’s fine for us, but we’re not gonna change it.“ This is the song for this story, so they went with it.

Lest We Forget: If you’d get the chance to produce your own anime/film/documentary… What would it be about?

Masato: I’ve had this dream, that fish become as strong as people and they’re trying to take all the land and make it into water, because they think the earth is theirs. I’ve had this dream and it was very scary. So maybe I’d make an anime about that.

Lest We Forget: This tour will take you through thirteen different countries. Is there any special place or town you definitely want to see?

Masato: We always love coming to Germany. It was crazy because we did the first tour with Bullet and then we did Rock am Ring and Rock im Park and it was so good. We didn‘t think, that so many people would show up. It’s always been cool, because I think people actually went back and kept checking us out, so they know the songs when we came back. But there are a few countries, that we’ll miss this tour, like Poland.

Lest We Forget: Have you ever toured there before?

Masato: Yes, we went there on the last tour and it was crazy, because it felt like we were doing a headline show. But every country has their nice places. It sucks this time, because we’re so far away from cities that we can’t really walk around too much. We’ve had off days in the middle of nowhere in Switzerland next to a highway.

Lest We Forget: Do you ever had a plan B, if your music career wouldn’t have worked out?

Masato: When I was younger, I went to school for a while. I studied law because I wanted to become a sports agent. I got into university and I had to be four years at the university and four years to get a law degree and then one year to take a test, so it would take more than ten years to get a law degree, and I just was like „Nope, I’m not gonna do this“. So I did two years, then I took off school to do the band. I told my parents, that I need two years to figure out my life. They were really pissed off, but said okay. I was living on my own and had no money but after a year, we were signed in Japan. If the band wouldn’t work out, I wouldn’t know what to do.

Lest We Forget: What would somebody mainly find in your fridge, when you’re on tour?

Masato: Our band is big on avocados. We always have avocados in the fridge. We eat them with bread, with chips just on it’s own. If there is an avocado at catering, I’d have one a day.


-drinks most

Masato: Yoko, our guitar player, but he doesn‘t look drunk at all. I’m terrible with beer. I’m better with Jäger or something stronger.

-needs longest in the bathroom

Masato: Some of the guys have longer hair, so they take more time. I think our drummer. Because he has got a lot of hair on his face and has to shave every day. I even guess he shaves it twice every day.

-gets most groupies

Masato: It’s definitely not me. The other day, we were at the merch and this girl came up to us and gave everyone a snack, except for me. I don‘t get anything. They all got a bag of candies and I got nothing.

-sleeps longest

Masato: I do. Because we don’t play until 8. I hate having a really long day because I always use out my energy, so I just try to sleep long. Today I got up at 2pm. Breakfast at 2pm.